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What is mesotherapy for nonsurgical fat removal?

What is mesotherapy for nonsurgical fat removal?
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Mesotherapy is a nonsurgical injection-based fat-removal method, used in body contouring and facial sculpting.

Mesotherapy was developed in the early 1950s in France for the treatment of vascular and lymphatic conditions, but it soon branched out into hair-loss, pain, bone, and psoriasis treatments. It was soon discovered that body fat could be impacted with these injections of various substances, and so it became a form of fat shaping or removal, anti-ageing, and so on.

How the injections work?
A substance is injected via a very fine needle under the dermal layer of skin, into the fat. The substances depend on the doctor, but may contain any combination of vitamins, hormones, medicines, nutrients, plant extracts or antibiotics.

How mesotherapy treats cellulite and fat?
The most common substances used to treat cellulite and fat deposits are lecithin and isoproterenol. Lecithin is a substance found in human bile that dissolves fats from our food, and isoproterenol is a fat-busting agent that causes fat cells to die.

How many treatments are required?
Usually several treatments are required, possibly into double digits, fortnightly. This will depend entirely on what area is being treated.

Is it safe?
We provide some mesotherapy services at ENRICH, and consider it to be safe and effective for certain types of fat removal, and in particular for those who for whatever reason are unable to undergo other types of treatments, such as liposuction. Research has not identified what happens to the fat cells once they are reabsorbed by the body.

Are there any side-effects of mesotherapy?
There are risks of side-effects with every treatment, but more so when we go under the skin. This could include infection, inflammation, bruising, scarring or allergy.

What are the advantages of mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy has been used for over two decades in Europe, despite a lack of standardisation of substances or clinical trials. Mesotherapy is nonsurgical, there is minimal or no pain associated with treatments either during or after, it is uncomplicated, and there is no downtime. Costs may vary depending on practitioner and location.

We offer Lipodissolve treatments for spot-fat removal.
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