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Nail salons and the link with eyelid dermatitis

Nail salons and the link with eyelid dermatitis
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If you like getting your nails done in the salon, and have itchy or sore eyelids, you might be suffering a form of irritant dermatitis from the chemicals in the air at the salon.

There are a lot of triggers for irritant dermatitis of the eyelid, including substances that actually come into contact with the eye either as an application or from fingers, including makeup, soaps, chlorine and dust, or molecules in the air. Rubbing can make the problem worse by rubbing the problem substance into the eye.

An allergy may also be present or can develop, with triggers being the same sorts of things: cosmetics, sunscreen, cleansers, makeup, perfume, eyelash curlers that contain nickel, false eyelashes and their adhesive, eye drops, contact lens solution, swimming goggles, and the frames of glasses. Hair dye can also cause problems, as can the chemicals present in your nail salon.

Symptoms of dermatitis of the eyelid can include redness, swelling, itching and inflammation. If you suspect your salon may be the culprit, and don’t want to give it up, you can just try to minimise your appointments or find someone who does nails outside of a closed-in poorly-ventilated nail salon.

How to deal with the eyelid

  • Try to identify where the problem originated, and remove it/avoid it/limit it
  • Try not to rub or scratch – hold a cold, wet cloth to the eye to soothe
  • Wash hands before touching the eye
  • Rinse eyelids with plain water or a cream cleanser for sensitive skin
  • Get allergy tested if necessary
  • Avoid eye make-up until your dermatitis resolves or only use makeup you know won’t irritate the delicate eyelash follicles
  • Keep eyes away from wind, sun, dust, cold, etc. and wear sunglasses where possible
  • See your doctor or dermatologist if the problem persists – you don’t want to end up with allergy-related pigmentation under the eyes (dark circles – ‘allergy bruises’)

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