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Natural Collagenesis (Roller Cit) for acne scarring

Natural Collagenesis (Roller Cit) for acne scarring
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Roller Cit is used to treat skin conditions, such as acne scarring.

What is Roller Cit?
A roller with very fine needles pierces the skin and creates multiple pin-holes. From these tiny injuries in the skin, fibroblasts are stimulated to lay down new collagen, improving the appearance of acne scarring.

Recovery process
Immediately after the procedure, a cream is applied and the skin is dressed with an adhesive dressing, which is removed the following day. Roller Cit causes localised bruising, swelling and an abrasive appearance on the skin’s surface which settle within 5-10 days. Sun exposure should be minimised and returning to work largely depends on your occupation and lifestyle.

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