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Navigating the emotional journey of liposuction

Navigating the emotional journey of liposuction
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We are complex creatures with a lot going on when it comes to our appearance and sense of self. This means getting cosmetic surgery of any kind, but in particular liposuction, can be a really emotional time – there are a web of feelings that come with any kind of change, but especially to lasting changes to our physical selves.

Liposuction is a long-lasting body-shaping procedure, which means whatever gets done, is done. There is no getting those fat cells back. The feelings this can bring out are likely to be many and varied, and contradictory at times too. There may be feelings of excitement and anticipation of a positive change, but also of shame or sadness.

There are no right or wrong feelings about your liposuction treatments, just your feelings. Make sure to give yourself time to digest your liposuction treatments and if you are feeling complicated, speak to your doctor or a counsellor before undergoing liposuction surgery.

It is important to note that if you are struggling with the decision to have liposuction treatments or not, then it’s probably not the right time. You should feel comfortable and happy in your decision, which Dr Rich at our Melbourne clinic will ensure no matter what. Nobody benefits if you aren’t happy.

Self-image – you need to be happy enough already
Liposuction is unlikely to be life-changing – it is body-changing, but anyone with a problematic relationship with their body is unlikely to get what they need out of liposuction. If you are really uncomfortable with a part of your body, plastic surgery is a fine idea, but you need to have reasonable self-image already or surgery can make things worse.

Common pre-liposuction feelings
Pre-liposuction feelings tend to run the full gamut from perhaps being terrified of surgery and needles, feeling guilty or embarrassed, yet all the while being giddy with anticipation and joy of the day finally arriving after all that planning, saving and waiting.

If you have wanted to make a body change for some time, there are likely to be some intense feelings associated with your liposuction treatment before it happens. A decision like this isn’t taken lightly, and is often the result a great deal of soul searching, research and deliberating.

Then there’s post-surgery feelings…
You might feel sad and grieve at losing part of your body, despite a strong desire for change. It’s very common to feel a stab of regret after any major surgery, but it’s also true that most often we see people absolutely thrilled with the results.

You may feel awkward or uncomfortable about discussing your liposuction surgery with your friends and family, and people may not have the same views of your liposuction treatments as you do. It’s important to be very clear about your reasons for wanting liposuction, not just for yourself, but to ease the gaze of others – being confident and happy in your choice, having answered all your own queries and conundrums, can make it easy to communicate this to questioning friends and relatives both before and after, if you choose to share this information (which you are under no obligation to do).

There are a wide range of feelings associated with cosmetic procedures once they are over, particularly when they involve a dramatic change. Liposuction results aren’t always dramatic though – liposuction results are often incredibly subtle, with the only thing others notice being ‘you’re looking good!’ – but nonetheless it can feel like you are looking through a new prism.

Post-liposuction feelings can include the full mixed bag – pleasure at your accomplishment (finally!), the feelings associated with the uncomfortable physical signs of your treatments, and sometimes negative feelings (depression or anxiety) that often pass. Not every person who undergoes cosmetic surgery is going to be ecstatic, so make sure you discuss your feelings with your doctor – they can help. You aren’t the only person to have complicated feelings about their body!

Research indicates that at least three-quarters of those undergoing liposuction treatments – this is globally, not just in Melbourne – are happy with their liposuction treatments, would recommend the procedure to others, and enjoy the fruits of their surgery with ongoing renewed confidence and self-esteem.

Making the right choice means being informed. Contact our Melbourne clinic for a private consultation to see if liposuction is the right body-shaping treatment for you.

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