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Need a better poker face? We may have the answer – ENRICH Clinic

Need a better poker face? We may have the answer – ENRICH Clinic
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  • Need a better poker face? We may have the answer – ENRICH Clinic

A new trend is emerging in the United Kingdom with more and more professionals getting very specific anti-wrinkle muscle-relaxant neuromodulator injections with the express purpose being to hide their emotions in high pressure situations.

These professionals include lawyers, politicians, stockbrokers, detectives, and of course professional poker players, who all benefit from keeping their cards close to their chests and not revealing emotion accidentally.

Anti-wrinkle injections keep certain muscles from performing either to their potential or at all, with the purpose of this in aesthetic medicine to keep wrinkles at bay. There are now many other uses for anti-wrinkle injections, where the neuromodulation and muscle-relaxant properties come into play. Medical uses include treating migraines, muscle tension, and muscle spasticity, however the uses don’t end there.

Now, you can enhance your poker face and not give your game away with unavoidable facial expressions.

Most people getting anti-wrinkle injections aren’t looking for the ‘frozen face’ look, with regular men and women just looking for a few less wrinkles. By contrast, these patients want to stop their face from making unintended moves, seeking minimal movement from the tiny muscles of the face so they can preserve or enhance their A-game in high-pressure situations.

This treatment may be useful for people who require a poker face, but who naturally have very expressive features. The beauty anti-wrinkle treatments is there is a time limit to how long it will last, with no ongoing problems after the neuromodulators wear off – typically about four months. This means that you can use the anti-wrinkle injections when you need to, then let it wear off once you’re done. We can also dictate just how much of the substance is injected – the less injected, the faster it wears off.

Anti wrinkle injections can also include an anti-sweating component, since a sign of nerves is sweating – this may be under the armpits, forehead, or palms/soles.

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

Anti-wrinkle injections refer specifically to the substance that interrupts nerve signals to various areas of the body, as per the injection site. This means nerve signals in a muscle or the nerve itself, for example when blocking nerve signals to stop excess sweating.

The electrical signal gets blocked, and this prevents the message getting through. This includes messages that are the result of emotions, like surprise, disgust, interest or sympathy. When this applies to muscles, anti-wrinkle injections can be injected into the edges or body of a muscle, to either partially or fully disable the muscle.

Getting ‘frozen face’ from anti-wrinkle injections – not at our Melbourne clinic!

Most people who get anti-wrinkle injections aren’t after no expression at all, but simply less movement in the very specific wrinkle-causing areas of their face to minimise wrinkle formation or wrinkle development. This might include prominent frown lines, lines around the mouth, or an orange-peel chin due to overactive muscles.

At ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne you can rest assured that you will not walk out of our clinic with frozen anything! Our anti-wrinkle injections are so carefully placed by our expert injectors that your facial expressions will be yours. You won’t miss out on expressing yourself.

Our anti-wrinkle injections are done by the best cosmetic dermatologists in Melbourne.
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