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New approaches to male chest fat

New approaches to male chest fat
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Male chest fat reduction liposuction MelbourneThere are several methods we use to reduce male chest fat, with the two most popular and effective being liposuction and fat freezing. We’ve added another treatment to our arsenal with the ThermiTight, which can probe deeper into the body to destroy fat cells, though this procedure is more appropriate for those who may have loose skin around the chest area as well as excess fat.

Non-invasive chest fat reduction methods include fat freezing, but ThermiTight and liposuction are both minimally invasive treatments. While they include delving under the skin via incisions – meaning they are classified as invasive – these treatments result in just a few minute punctures in the skin which are used as the portal for the device, which works its magic underneath the skin in both cases.

Cryolipolysis – fat freezing – is proving to be an effective treatment for excess chest fat in men, though the right handpiece must be used for it to have its effect. There are more serious surgical options, but invasive surgery to reshape the chest in men may only be required if true gynaecomastia is present, since all of our fat-removal options are effective and considered very safe.

Why do men get excess chest fat/grow breast tissue?

Excess chest fat can accumulate for a few reasons, with two main culprits – male breast development (medically known as gynaecomastia) due to a hormonal imbalance or simply excess chest fat, possibly due to being overweight or having uneven fat distribution patterns. Gynaecomastia is caused by a hormonal imbalance that results in excess oestrogen in men, while otherwise nature can unfortunately increase fatty deposits around the chest area.

Gynaecomastia – ducted male breast tissue

There are two ways men can grow breast tissue in gynaecomastia – it can be fat or in fact it can be glandular breast tissue, which includes (much to a man’s horror) real-life milk ducts. Because in the womb we all start out as female, our bodies in some ways as adults, both male and female, are identical. This is why men have nipples, and are capable of developing breast tissue in certain circumstances.

When a man’s hormones become unbalanced and he has too much oestrogen in his system, his body will respond to that oestrogen in the same way that a woman’s body does: by growing breasts.

This can be an uncomfortable situation for men to be in, since hormonal imbalances are not well understood and may not have an immediately obvious treatment. Some causes of these hormonal imbalances include environmental oestrogens, metabolism disorders, or even diet and lifestyle choices.

Reducing this breast tissue may be the only reasonable option for improving self-image, but surgery may be required if there is a lot of ducting – ducting cannot be removed via fat-reduction treatments because it is not fat, but solid structures. Gynaecomastia surgery, including liposuction for non-ducted fatty chest tissue, may be paid for with Medicare in some instances – speak to your doctor.

Pseudogynaecomastia – excess chest fat, not ducting

When the chest has excess fatty deposits it is classified as pseudogynaecomastia, since it is not the same condition, but it has the same appearance: breasts in men. Pseudogynaecomastia is simply treated using liposuction at our Melbourne clinic, however there are other options including fat freezing or ThermiTight, depending on your personal circumstances.

Liposuction will always be more effective for fat removal than fat freezing or ThermiTight, but all these procedures have their pros and cons and can be discussed at length with your doctor.

Talk to your Melbournecosmetic dermatologist about your options for male chest fat reduction.
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