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Non-surgical ways to improve vaginal tightness

Non-surgical ways to improve vaginal tightness
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There are a few ways that you can improve your vaginal tightness and tone. The main method is doing Kegels pelvic floor exercises, but there are some other ways that you can help your vaginal tissue to perform at its best.

  1. Do Kegels exercises daily

You’ve surely heard of your Kegels, but have you actually persisted in doing these exercises regularly? The answer is probably no. Your pelvic floor is known to be a key element in your sexual response, so if sex is leaving you lukewarm at best, your orgasms aren’t as good as they used to be, or you ‘take ages’, it could be that your Kegels just aren’t up to scratch.

Learn how to correctly perform your Kegels

  1. Perform your Kegels correctly

According to some studies, over half of women who got verbal or written instructions on how to do Kegels exercises were not doing them correctly. Learn how to do your Kegels in our instructional guide, but remember that if you aren’t seeing results despite concerted effort or you are finding it unreasonably difficult, get help. Check online videos, ask your healthcare provider, or ask a friend. If your muscles are really weak, you might have to work a bit harder.

You are contracting the muscles that lift your anus, urethra, and vagina, and nothing else – the rest of you should be relaxed. You are not tensing any other part of your body. Also, your pelvic floor muscles have two types: fast-twitch (that respond to coughing and sneezing) and slow-twitch (which support your pelvic organs over time), which means you need to do two types of Kegels – quick release and slow hold.

  1. Eat well and exercise regularly

It’s really the same advice you are always given, but it really does matter. Having enough protein, for example, to build and rebuild your tissue is essential for a healthy, strong body. Your body is made out of meat, and meat is protein – don’t skimp. There are plenty of vegetarian and non-vegetarian forms of healthy protein. Eat well, and your body will be stronger.

Exercise helps your vaginal tone, because all exercise – in part – helps to tone the pelvic floor muscles incidentally.

  1. Vaginal laser and radiofrequency treatments to instantly tighten a lax vagina (pain-free, surgery-free, fast)

Vaginal rejuvenation technology has come a long way. Now you can get an instantly-tightened vagina in half an hour, and it only gets better from there. If your vagina has suffered due to trauma or childbirth, it can be put right again (or at least far more right than it was before).

Vaginal treatments stimulate the vaginal mucosa to produce more collagen, regenerate cells, and makes your vagina tighter, more naturally lubricated, and can remove itching, irritation, and painful sex. Learn more about vaginal tightening and rejuvenation.

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