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Nonsurgical facelifts the scarless lift

Nonsurgical facelifts the scarless lift
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Facelifts in MelbourneAdvancements in cosmetic procedures mean there is no longer the requirement to undergo invasive facial surgery to tighten and enhance your facial profile. The suture lift nonsurgical facelift comes in two forms – the Silhouette Soft suture lift or a technique developed by Dr Des Fernandes involving eyelid augmentation, which is longer-lasting.

The Silhouette Soft suture lift – Melbourne clinic

In a suture lift – also known as a thread lift or nonsurgical facelift – a nontoxic suture (Silhouette Soft) is threaded through specific areas of the face to lift the skin. This provides visible lift and facial rejuvenation without the stitches. A special suture that has little hook-like additions is threaded through the tissue of the facial structures and hooked up just behind the ear, held in place. This procedure is performed in clinic and requires no downtime, though you will need to be careful as the tissue heals around the thread.

The facial tissue will take about a week to recover from the local injury, but the suture itself also stimulates collagen and elastin production that holds it in place, while also offering a physical lift. Threads can be adjusted or removed anytime.

The thread lift procedure offers women and men a subtle but definite nonsurgical facelift to rejuvenate your appearance, creating more youthful facial contours.

Dr. Fernandes unique suture lift technique for facial rejuvenation – Melbourne clinic

We use a nonsurgical facelift technique pioneered by Dr Fernandes, whereby the mid-facelift is adjusted and works to lift the fat of the cheek to where it was when the person was 25 years old. This lifts the lower eyelid, giving the area around the eye a more youthful appearance and a thread lift improves the appearance of the lower face.

Permanent suture loops ensure a long-lasting result. Any excess skin on the lower eyelid can be removed without interfering with eyelid muscles or anatomy, leaving a more natural result. This procedure may be a little more invasive and require some eyelid skin removal than the regular suture lift, but has longer-lasting results.

The technique has been taught to a handful of cosmetic dermatologists in Melbourne, with doctors at the ENRICH Clinic some of the first. These techniques are at the cutting edge of facial rejuvenation treatments, and take the work of an experienced, skilled physician.

What to expect from a suture lift treatment

Suture lifts are a walk-in walk-out procedure that can leave you with a tiny fold behind the ear that will fade over time, and with the longer-lasting nonsurgical facelifts, there may be a very small, invisible scar in the hairline and in the eyelid crease, if the eyelids are treated.

Contact our Melbourne clinic for a personalised consultation to see if a thread lift is right for you – not everyone will benefit equally, for example younger people may benefit from other treatments instead, or a combination of treatments may be best suited if there is a great deal of sagging or wrinkled skin.

Other treatments that can improve skin quality and offer advanced facial rejuvenation include radiofrequency, laser microdermabrasion or resurfacing, light treatments, ultrasonic treatments, skin peels, and anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

We do beautiful nonsurgical facelifts.
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