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Nose jobs for everyone!

Nose jobs for everyone!
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nose jobsThe old formula for nose jobs is out, with new approaches to non-surgical rhinoplasty coming into vogue that much better match the widespread use of cosmetic surgery and the diversity of our populations. Nose jobs have gone international.

The Caucasian nose is no longer the nose used to model all noses on. The model nose is what’s beautiful in different cultures, since differing facial structures mean really different approaches when it comes to what suits a face.

A good cosmetic surgeon understands the subtle nuances of noses, but many don’t have much experience in non-surgical rhinoplasty on any other faces besides Caucasian, especially if you live in a predominately Caucasian society. This means the tricks surgeons’ learnt 40 years ago still apply to some patients, but hardly to all – if you look around Melbourne, you will see a thousand different, beautiful noses in an hour.

For surgeons, being educated and experienced in ‘international noses’ is key in our multicultural society where cosmetic procedures are attractive, affordable and available to anyone who wants them. At our Melbourne clinic, your cosmetic dermatologists are from very diverse backgrounds, and we look like you – see us here. We get faces.

It’s just a phase
We go through phases with fashion and our ideas of beauty, multiple times in our lifetimes. Take for example our ideals around what an attractive body looks like, using old paintings and busts as a gauge. In days gone by, ‘beautiful’ was voluptuous, because it meant being well-fed and fertile. Now, we prefer a more airbrushed look, despite many of us failing to achieve this ideal – it doesn’t stop us trying.

The same applies to our faces, and what we consider to be beautiful in each facial feature. Eyebrows are a great example – the high, thin arch used to be the thing, but now thicker, broader eyebrows are considered very chic. ‘White people’ noses were in in the 80s, but that nose has now morphed into ‘what looks best on your face’, and not a moment too soon.

Our understanding of facial beauty is shifting all the time. If we look at the celebrities that get our attention, they are diverse in looks. Structural aspects are different between our faces, with no nose any less beautiful than any other. Noses are part of the broader context of our faces, not the centrepiece, so ensuring it fits in is essential. Other critical ingredients to a successful non-surgical rhinoplasty is not using a ‘blueprint’ of ethnicity to determine a good nose shape for a person, just because they have a certain background. Each and every person is counted as an individual with unique facial dimensions to balance and enhance with a non-surgical nose job.

Have the nose you want. 
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