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Older first-mums: skin tightening treatments

Older first-mums: skin tightening treatments
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Getting pregnant and giving birth later in life is now more common than ever, with many women having their first babies in their late thirties and forties, and sometimes even in their fifties. The number of women giving birth later has trebled in a decade, causing a surge in fertility services, but also in plastic surgery and skin tightening treatments.

It’s well-observed that as we age, our tissue becomes less elastic due to a decrease in certain molecules and collagen production. This means we don’t bounce back in our forties and fifties the way we do in our twenties and thirties. Older first-time-mothers are now seeking effective cosmetic skin tightening treatments in greater numbers than ever before, as a direct result of having a baby later on.

The most popular procedures are now surgical and non-surgical tummy tucks, breast lifts and stretch mark treatments, compared to previous popular treatments for this age group being faceliftsbrow lifts, and anti-ageing treatments.

Pregnancy stretches the skin on the abdomen and breasts, causing increased sagging in older women. Diet and exercise can work very well for many women in keeping their body healthy and fit, however sometimes cosmetic treatments can help correct elements that diet and exercise cannot solve. Primarily this means sagging skin on the belly and breasts.

Treatments we use for post-pregnancy sagging skin on the body

Read more about our TightSkin Program here. 
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