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On the quest for the perfect butt…

On the quest for the perfect butt…
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Trying to figure out what the perfect pair of buttocks look like is nearly impossible – or is it? Is there a ‘golden ratio’ for butts? Researchers try to figure it out.

Our perception of beauty is pretty flexible if you think about it – it depends where you are and who you see every day in terms of what you think is attractive, and there is a sliding scale depending on whether you like someone or not. We’re all over the shop, which is why ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ has never been truer. Butt appreciation is no different.

But, because we are always on the hunt for the scientific explanation of beauty and why we like it so much, a group of researchers set out on an expedition to try to figure out what made the perfect buttock proportions. Why did they do this? So that they could later apply this to real butts of course.

The butt researchers had to remove gender, age, job, geography and perceptions, to find the waist-to-hip ratio that was the most pleasing across the board.

Using an online survey with adjustable images, people could interactively change the size of the waist-to-hip ratio on a model’s buttocks. The questions were asked across multiple languages and sent to over 9,000 plastic surgeons and members of the public globally.

Over a thousand people responded to the questionnaire, from over 40 countries, with significant differences regarding butt preferences identified.

The perfect butt… in many languages

  • Over 400 people (39 per cent) chose the 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio as their ideal
  • In order of greatest preference for larger buttocks were surgeons from Latin America, Asia, North America, and then Europe
  • Non-Caucasians preferred larger buttocks than Caucasians

There was a global consensus regarding the waist-to-hip ratio, but other factors came into play when it came to our perception of the buttocks. The waist-to-hip ratio has long been contentious, as it tries to reduce female attractiveness down to one little measurement. If only it was that easy; what we know now is that humans go through phases, and we love a good juicy butt.

The beauty of changing fashions

Concepts of beauty are constantly changing. One just has to look at Renaissance paintings of voluptuous women, compared to stick-insect models these days, and the rise of lipo treatments – some say that BMI actually has more to do with female attractiveness than waist-to-hip ratios. Trends come and go in eyebrows, weight, muscle, lips and cheekbones, with the mods we apply to these areas constantly changing.

Where we live has a huge impact on what we think looks good, but so does our ethnic and cultural background. Female curves have always gotten a lot of attention, with curves, weight, and waist-to-hip ratio being at the top of the debate list.

What is becoming clear – to science at least; we’ve all known this for a long time – is that our features interact with one another, and there doesn’t seem to be one that is more important than the others. They must all work as a team, including our charming personalities, sexual preferences, and lifestyle choices.

Our butts – particularly the female butt – has long been an object of desire and the Brazilian butt lift, buttock reshaping using lipo and implants, and skin tightening are now high up on the list of cosmetic procedures being performed in the quest for the perfect butt.

Buttock recontouring using lipo – Melbourne clinic

Liposuction is a way to recontour the butt – not to reduce it (gasp!), but to shape it. Some of the areas that lipo is often applied to enhance the bottom,  is the outer thighs (saddlebags), inner thighs and back flanks but not the actual butt. Liposuctioning these areas can enhance the look of  the curves of the buttocks  as a whole.

Reducing excess fat using lipo on the buttocks, however, it is a viable contouring option

Brazilian butt lift – we don’t do at ENRICH

A Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer of a person’s own fat to their buttocks to give a sagging or small butt a boost. Surgeons can also apply platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to enhance the performance of the fat cells that have been transplanted. The more fat cells survive, the better your butt afterwards. This procedure is a delicate operation and as with any treatment, research, research, research is the key. Your surgeon should have had a great deal of experience and be incredibly well trained in this procedure. It is not for the faint hearted.

Skin tightening for butts – Melbourne clinic

We can tighten loose skin on buttocks, which can occur if, for example, someone has lost a lot of weight. These treatments depend on each individual and we can use lasers, skin needling or heat treatments depending on the need and the treamemt area.

Butt implants (we don’t do those)

Buttock implants are increasing in popularity. You may only see the most extreme versions of this on the internet, but a good surgeon will make sure nobody notices – your butt will just look amazing. Fat transfers are taking over from implants in just about every part of the body because they feel more natural and are far safer.

Research Research Research

What ever you decide to do, work out what’s best for you and your body. Trends are great but they are just that, trends. Research all your options from conturing to lifting. Research your surgeon or specialist, most important. You should be comfortable and have all the answers you need from you practitioner before you undertaken any procedure.

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