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Using facial analysis software for perfect symmetry

Using facial analysis software for perfect symmetry
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  • Using facial analysis software for perfect symmetry

Using facial analysis software for perfect symmetryA new computer program is able to scan 17 key areas of the face before dermal filler and other cosmetic treatments are applied. The filler treatments are designed to make the face symmetrical, supposedly making someone ‘scientifically beautiful’.

The computer program analyses the proportions of the face and its symmetry before the injections, so the cosmetic dermatologist knows where to inject, and how much. The computer algorithms are based on the geometric ratios seen in nature.

The treatment itself, developed by a UK doctor, is called Facial Profiling, and is designed to create a closer version of what we perceive to be more attractive (according to science): symmetry. While the truth of the symmetry argument is uncertain (everyone’s faces are two sides put together in the womb, and are always slightly different to each other), the discussion persists as one measure of beauty – nobody can really decide what makes a face ‘attractive’ or not in any measurable way. Symmetry fills this gap neatly, and outside of ‘golden ratios’ and the artful eye of our surgeons, is all we have.

This technique is being used in Britain at a specialist dermatologist clinic, and they are calling it an ‘artistic restoration’ on a face that involves more than just anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler. It’s science, they say, and not just about wrinkles. It’s about facial balance and harmony, with unnoticable treatments that enhance a person’s overall look.

The software, Anaface, looks at ratios of the face – width, length, nose and eye position, etc. – and then the doctor works with treatments to even the face out, imperceptible to us, the casual observer.

So does it work? 
The Anaface software is a cosmetic tool, but the art lies in the cosmetic doctor and their skills and experience. Having an eye for what looks beautiful, and being able to carry that out using cosmetic dermatology tools, is the most critical element of any cosmetic dermatologist practice. The technology is useful, but it’s only as good as the doctor using it.

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