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Brazilian butt lift FAQs – Melbourne clinic

Brazilian butt lift FAQs – Melbourne clinic
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The now famous Brazilian butt lift has come to Melbourne, to give you the shapely buttocks of your dreams.

A fat graft or fat transfer is performed using fat from another area of your body, we treat it with a special substance to make the transfer more successful, then inject it into your buttocks using a special technique.

The method and areas we inject the fat matters – your ENRICH cosmetic dermatologist (also known as your body artiste) has a well-trained eye for a beautiful bottom and can give you what you desire at the backend.

#1. What does a Brazilian butt lift procedure involve? – Melbourne clinic

Liposuction is used to take some fat from another area of your body – usually the abdomen, thighs or back – after which it is purified and cleaned. Then, these healthy fat cells are injected into your butt very strategically to give you a shapely, perky butt.

#2. How long does the Brazilian butt lift take to do? – Melbourne clinic

You can expect the procedure to be completed in the same day, with no need for a hospital stay. There are a couple of steps to the butt lift using a fat graft, with the liposuction, fat treatment, then application of the fat into the buttocks. Expect half a day, not including recovery time, but this will depend largely on how much fat is being grafted and what sort of anaesthetic you require.

#3. Where do you inject the fat? – Melbourne clinic

The fat is typically injected into the top two thirds of your buttocks to get the beautiful curvy shape and perkiness. The top of the buttocks, without a lot of muscle, can end up with two bumps – the first bump of your hips, then the second bump of your lower buttock where it joins the thigh.

We create a more ‘top heavy’ look, which readjusts the prominence of your buttocks, making them appear rounder. The side of the buttocks may also require fat injections, however your skilled cosmetic doctor will be the judge of that, with your input of course. A beautiful butt is our end goal. (Ehem.)

#4. How much fat do you need to do the fat transfer? – Melbourne clinic

On average, you’ll need between 500-1000ml per buttock, with the most common amount somewhere in the middle. Yes, this means we need to get sometimes a lot of fat from another part of your body, but this typically isn’t too difficult.

#5. Where do you harvest fat from on my body? – Melbourne clinic

Fat can be taken from anywhere that fat deposits exist, which on women is multiple locations, including the upper arms, hips, abdomen, thighs, back, and even breasts. Use this as an opportunity to lose a little bit from somewhere else, for gains in your bottom. Love handles are a great place to take fat from, since it means we streamline your hips and bottom.

#6. I’m skinny – can I still get a Brazilian butt lift at your Melbourne clinic?

If you don’t have much fat to spare for whatever reason, you can use healthy means to gain a bit of weight for the procedure to build enough fat to graft. Your cosmetic doctor can advise on how best to do this and how fat cells work, and how losing weight again will impact your graft in future.

If you can’t put on enough weight, then perhaps buttock implants are a better option for you, however we prefer fat grafting over implants. We do not do buttock implants.

#7. Can I just use someone else’s fat? – Melbourne clinic

You cannot use someone else’s fat for the Brazilian butt lift, or any other fat transfers, due to the risk of rejection of the cells by your body.

#8. How successful is the Brazilian butt lift procedure? – Melbourne clinic

The fat removed from your body has a reasonable survival rate, which must be taken into consideration when we plan the procedure. We use the best liposuction techniques for the best outcomes, however there always remains the risk that some of the fat cells will become nonviable in this process, which is normal. We have an excellent success rate, with the best processes in place to ensure your Brazilian butt lift is beautiful.

#9. Who can get the Brazilian butt lift? – Melbourne clinic

If you need a boost to your butt because it’s on the flatter side, or you want more shape or curve or perk, a Brazilian butt lift may be for you.

We do beautiful Brazilian butt lifts.
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