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a double chin

a double chin

A double chin can result in you looking older and bigger than you are, or feel. Removal of the fatty deposit in a double chin has the instant effect of making you look younger and slimmer.

This double effect can have a profound impact on how you see yourself, with a short, non-invasive fat-freezing procedure. Get more bang for your buck with double chin fat freezing.

Small areas of fat such as the double chin usually need 1-2 treatments to get great results, since the neck and chin area don’t carry much fat compared with other areas of the body.

Benefits of fat freezing for a double chin

  • Non-invasive – no needles, no blood
  • Comfortable treatments – no pain or soreness during or after
  • Walk-in walk-out procedure
  • Usually leaves no trace on skin
  • Fat freezing works slowly over time for incremental improvements over the coming weeks
  • Only 1-2 treatments often necessary for double chin (read more on how many treatments you need for best results from fat freezing)
  • Quick procedures for small areas
  • Spot fat reduction technique that works almost anywhere on the bodya double chin

How does fat freezing of a double chin work?

Fat freezing is a specialised fat removal technique that lowers fat cells to a precise temperature, damaging their structure. The damaged cells are subsequently scavenged as waste by your body. This process effectively removes the treated fat from an area, and it won’t come back.

Why doesn’t fat come back after fat freezing?

In most cases, once a fat cell has been damaged, it won’t come back. We generally have a finite number of fat cells, so once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

How long does double chin fat freezing take to work?

Removal of a double chin via fat freezing isn’t an instant fix, because the scavenging process of your body takes weeks to complete after the successful treatment.

You can expect to see the results after about three months, though depending on the treatment area, it may be sooner. The less fat your body has to clean up, the faster you’ll see results.

Because the chin and neck area don’t hold much fat, you may find you are pleased with the results after just one fat freezing session.

Liposuction and Lipodissolve as other alternatives to fat freezing a double chin

Fat freezing may not be the best option for removing your double chin. At ENRICH Clinic, we also have other alternatives for facial sculpting, including liposuction and fat-dissolving injections.

There are some elements to take into consideration when choosing your double chin removal method, including your overall health, ability to heal, schedule and budget.

Fat freezing has some benefits to it, but it isn’t ideal for everyone. You may find that it is faster and costs about the same to get your chin quickly liposuctioned in the clinic in a 30-minute once-off procedure.

Dr Michael Rich performs all the liposuction at ENRICH Clinic and has been an Australian leader in the field for over 35 years. If there’s one thing he knows well, it’s how to shape a beautiful neckline using liposuction!a double chin

Lipodissolve is a series of injections that contain a fat-dissolving enzyme, and the process is similar to fat freezing in the sense that the flushing of dissolved fat cells takes weeks to months.

When to plan your procedures

You may have a big event coming up, in which case liposuction will likely be the fastest, most effective way to ensure you all healed up and looking fantastic when the big day rolls around.

If you have more time up your sleeve or are squeamish about needles, fat freezing may suit you better. Planning is important here since each option has a block of time attached to it before the results are visible and when any possible side-effects will have resolved.

The healing time for chin liposuction is quite fast when compared to other areas of the body that have more significant fat deposits (such as the belly or thighs). You’ll be entirely clear of bruising and swelling within weeks, if not sooner. Speak to Dr Rich about expectations.

Fat-dissolving injections and fat freezing will also take weeks to start to show results, and these treatments may cause some minor bruising that will resolve within a week or two. Fat freezing and fat-dissolving injections may require multiple treatments, so you’ll need to plan out your appointments with your goals in mind to fit in with your schedule.

It can also be useful to have your neck and chin treatments in winter so you can cover up any bruising with a scarf or high neck. When spring rolls around, and necklines drop, the compliments about how well you’re looking will roll in. Nobody ever needs to know.

Check out this scientific review if you need more detailed information on fat freezing.

Getting the most out of your neckline

Having so many photographs taken of us means we can become hyperaware of a double chin and our profile, and want to look better both in real life and in photos. A slimmer neckline can make such a huge difference to our faces. If you are considering a double chin procedure, we can help you.

We do beautiful necklines.
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