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FDA issues warning over an injectable filler

FDA issues warning over an injectable filler
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  • FDA issues warning over an injectable filler

An injectable used for facial rejuvenation has been flagged by the FDA. This injectable can cause side-effects including swelling, erythema and the development of hard nodules.

The product has been developed and sold by Enhancement Medical LLC and was approved by the FDA in 2012 as an intranasal splint, to be used post surgery inside the nasal cavity.

Unlike other dermal fillers which are made up of naturally occurring molecules and other commonly used products in cosmetic treatments which are FDA approved for cosmetic use, “Expression” is being used off – label. Nevertheless, in the past couple of years “Expression” has come into wider use by doctors and cosmetic clinics.

The FDA’s warning about ‘Expression’ is one more example of why beauty consumers must always seek professional advice before consenting to any medical procedure and consult with a doctor to ensure that all your questions have been answered and you are receiving the best treatment and product.

Here at the ENRICH clinic we only use the highest quality grade products for your safety and only have professional well experienced doctors who do all our injectable treatments.

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