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Cosmetic tattoos – things to consider before diving in

Cosmetic tattoos – things to consider before diving in
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Cosmetic tattoos might seem like a good idea at the time, but there are a few things that you need to take into consideration before getting your face inked.

Fading eyeliner – you want this
When you get your eyeliner tattooed on when you’re young, it should be with the understanding that glaring dark eyeliner when you’re maturing can make you look ridiculous. We tend to use lighter makeup as we age, since dark, thick makeup doesn’t look as good as on a younger face. (Obviously there are always exceptions to this rule!)

This means when you’re getting eyeliner tattooed on, you want the version that fades over time. Later, you want the option to not have it anymore, or to get a new, updated version that suits your evolving style.

Inks and pigments
You don’t want traditional tattoo ink on your face unless it’s an actual tattoo. This ink can cause allergic reactions, doesn’t fade as readily, and it can migrate, causing blurring. You do not want blurry eyebrows at any stage. Your makeup artist/tattooist will mostly likely use the oxides option rather than traditional tattoo ink as a matter of course (this is standard procedure) but make sure. Discuss your inks and what they will end up looking like over time at your first consultation appointment, and ask to see pictures.

Want eyeliner wings? Think again.
When choosing your makeup tattoos, you will want to avoid eyeliner wings, since as your skin loses elasticity as you age, you will end up with drooping horns at the corner of your eye, not glam wings. You’ll have to get laser tattoo removal treatments or get them surgically removed if you want them gone. Avoid.

Fading lipliner – you want this
Bright lips look great on young people, but as our tissue starts to age, the contrast is less beautiful on most women as the lips start to sag. The lower lip will start to droop, and the cupids bow sags down. Use fading pigments on lips. Plus, do you really want that bright red lipstick all the time?

Discuss pigment viscosity with your artist – are you an oil painting or a watercolour?
Thick pigments look like an oil painting, while thin pigments are like a watercolour. Thick is bold, thin is subtle. Choose carefully, because you’ll be stuck with your choice for a while. Sometimes giving makeup tattoos a trial means using thinner pigments at first, and seeing how you like it.

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