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How To Choose Between A Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist Or Cosmetic Surgeon?

How To Choose Between A Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist Or Cosmetic Surgeon?
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  • How To Choose Between A Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist Or Cosmetic Surgeon?

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An understanding of the qualifications of your doctor is a key part of feeling confident and relaxed about embarking on any cosmetic or dermatologic procedure. Here, we’ll explain the difference between plastic and cosmetic surgeons, as well as outlining the dermatological services available at ENRICH Clinic Melbourne. Contact us to make an appointment with one of our skilled cosmetic surgeons or dermatologists today!

Both dermatologists and surgeons have done a minimum of five more training following their initial medical qualification. Surgeons can then choose to specialise further within different surgical areas. Plastic surgery is one area of specialisation which can include aesthetic and reconstructive work. Some dermatologists have an interest in skin treatments and aesthetic medicine. As a natural extension of this, dermatologists such as Dr Michael Rich may have trained extensively in liposuction and other proc edures to further enhance their specialisation.

Plastic surgery vs cosmetic surgery?

It is not uncommon for there to be some confusion regarding the difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon. All Doctors in Australia receive a MBBS (Medical Bachelor, Bachelor of Surgery) at the completion of their medical studies. Plastic surgeons and cosmetic physicians or surgeons are both qualified doctors and will have received their MBBS qualification.

Plastic surgery is a surgical speciality that is dedicated to reconstruction. Specialist plastic surgeons have undertaken further studies following their medical degree. These specialists must complete a minimum of twelve years of training, including a fellowship of The Royal Australian College of Surgery. Some plastic surgeons will choose to specialise in cosmetic plastic surgery. Plastic surgery involves the reconstruction or restoration of a patient’s appearance after some form of trauma, disease or birth defect.

Cosmetic surgery improves or enhances the appearance of a patient. This can be achieved using either surgical or non-surgical procedures (or a combination of the two) and be performed by medical practitioners from a range of different fields. It is not necessarily designed to correct functional deficiencies in the patient. Cosmetic surgeons, or cosmetic physicians, do not undergo all types of  training associated with becoming a plastic surgeon. They are, however, qualified to perform surgical or non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

The procedures and outcomes for plastic and cosmetic surgeons are often different. Cosmetic surgery is a unique field of medicine that focuses on enhancing appearance through both surgical and medical techniques and treatments. It can be performed on all areas of the head, neck and body. The focus is on aesthetics – cosmetic surgeons or physicians do not work to correct function. For this reason, cosmetic procedures are elective.

Dermatologists – starting with the skin

A dermatologist is a recognised Australian specialist who has undertaken further training in disorders of the skin, hair and nails following their medical qualification. We have a number of skilled dermatologists practicing at ENRICH Clinic. Dr Michael Rich starts with the condition of the patient’s skin and works forwards from there, perhaps incorporating a number of combined treatments to get your skin looking its best. Dr Rich prefers a focus on aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology, incorporating the wide range of laser, skin and cosmetic procedures available at ENRICH Clinic. Dermatologists can also diagnose and remove skin cancers and treat various other skin concerns and diseases.

Cosmetic Clinics Melbourne

Looking for a cosmetic clinic in Armadale, Melbourne? Our team of cosmetic physicians, dermatologists and nurses are highly experienced and have an extensive variety of treatments and technologies accessible to them. Contact us today to organise your cosmetic consultation!

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