Platysmal band correction treatments – who is a good candidate?

Anyone with vertical bands on the neck due to the platysma muscle, a loose neck or a lack of neck definition can benefit via one of the platysmal band correction techniques. This results in a more youthful appearance, and can be used in conjunction with other procedures, such as skin tightening and facial rejuvenation.

The benefits of platysma band correction

  • No more visible neck bands
  • Removal of loose and sagging skin from underneath the chin
  • Fat removal from the chin
  • Create a beautiful contour of the neck and chin
  • More youthful appearance

Who can get  platysmal band corrections and treatments?

  • Anyone who has visible platysmal bands when their neck is resting
  • Those with visible or loose neck muscles when the face is animated, or when grimacing
  • Those without real neck definition
  • Anyone who has a double chin/’turkey neck’, or excess fat in the neck

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