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Platysmal band surgery – the procedure

Platysmal band surgery – the procedure
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Platysmal band surgery is a procedure to restore a mouth youthful contour to the neck, via the platysmal band muscles. The platysmal muscles are those that run up the neck vertically, and are visible when we grimace, but as we age, they can be visible all the time.

The surgical procedure
A discreet incision is placed typically behind the ears or under the chin, to avoid a visible scar. The contour of the muscles is adjusted, and liposuction may be performed if any excess fatty tissue remains.

The surgery can take up to four hours, depending on the method chosen. It is usually performed under local anaesthetic.

Recovery includes bruising and swelling that resolves in a few weeks. Bandages are removed the next day, and a face and neck garment will be provided to be worn for a week.

Results can be seen in a week, which improves over the next two weeks, as the swelling disappears. Another procedure may need to be repeated after several years, but this will depend on your age.

The muscle-relaxant injection procedure
Another way to relax the muscles in the neck (not ones that hold your head up, don’t worry!) without a scalpel is using a prescription-only muscle relaxant. This then relaxes the selected muscles, eliminating the visibility.

This procedure may be preferable to many of you, to avoid invasive surgery. Your doctor can offer you advice regarding your best treatment options, depending on your age, skin, and platysmal muscles.

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