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Platysmal bands on the neck – treatment options

Platysmal bands on the neck – treatment options
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Platysmal bands on the neck are an early sign of ageing, particularly in women. The vertical neck lines that run from your décolletage to the chin become more prominent when the face is animated. This can happen even when there are few signs of ageing on other areas of the face.

There are a few ways to deal with platysmal bands, both surgical and non-surgical. The non-surgical treatment is typically muscle-relaxant injections that reduce tautness of the platysmal bands in the neck. A very small amount of prescription-only muscle relaxant is injected into the bands, in a walk-in walk-out procedure. This version of the treatment requires regular injections to maintain the effect.

One surgical procedure is a percutaneous plasmotomy, and involves cutting across the band of muscle. This results in some swelling and bruising. Another approach is the retro-auricular platysma band correction, which reshapes the platysma muscle via incisions behind the ear.

A submental platysma band correction means reshaping the platysma muscle via an incision under the chin, often combined with liposuction of the chin. A neck lift may be indicated for those with a ‘turkey neck’ or excess fat under the chin, causing a double chin.

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