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Plumper, fuller lips – how lip enhancement works

Plumper, fuller lips – how lip enhancement works
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Lip filler treatments in MelbourneLip enhancement can be one of a few different procedures, from dermal filler injections, to collagen injections, to fat transfers. Typically, the most popular lip enhancement comes in the form of dermal filler injections, since these substances have the best safety profiles and consistent, reliably good results.

There is more than one type of dermal filler used in and around the lips for lip enhancements, but the most popular by far is a substance that naturally occurs in the human body. These substances are naturally found in your skin, and are part of your body’s natural functioning, providing volume, hydration and collagen boosting properties.

Lip enhancements improve the shape, structure and volume of both the upper and lower lips, and can smooth out lines around the mouth. The lips are not the only element involved in improving the appearance of lips, since the area around the mouth holds the lips in place and may also benefit from injections.

Lip enhancements last around six months, because the mouth is used so much for talking, laughing and eating. The filler is naturally absorbed by your body over time, and those with a faster metabolism absorb faster. You will need to get repeated injections if you want to keep the look of your lips, but you can also adjust the look as you go – one of the benefits of the injections being temporary. Additionally, if you change your mind, we have the enzyme that dissolves the filler on hand and the whole thing can be adjusted or disappear in just five minutes.

There are several brands of lip filler on the market, and your cosmetic dermatologist will have their favourites. They all behave more or less the same way with similar results. Once the filler is injected, it fills out the lips to provide support and shape, much like the water inside the stems and leaves of a plant gives it shape and structure.

We use specific brands at our Melbourne clinic that offer us tight control over how much volume is increased, and exactly where. The amount we inject is extremely specific and controlled. If you want to enhance your lips over time (which we sometimes recommend for larger volumes), you may need several appointments over a few months to achieve this. It would be unusual for us to put a lot of filler into lips in one go, since it becomes very obvious to the outside world if your lips suddenly go from A to Z in one day. Slow and steady wins the race.

Why we love our lip enhancement fillers:

  • We can build on the shape and volume of your lips over time
  • Any lumps and bumps are easily dissolved
  • Less bruising compared to other fillers
  • Long-lasting results compared to other fillers, but still temporary
  • Low risk of allergic reaction
  • Quick in-office treatments
  • No downtime

Your lip enhancement appointment – what will happen

When you come in for your lip enhancements, your cosmetic dermatologist will review your lips and mouth area and discuss what you want. Then, a numbing cream will be applied to your lips to avoid any discomfort that the injections may cause. The numbing can be extensive (like at the dentist) or light (cream), depending on your tolerance levels.

Very fine needles are used to inject the lip enhancement filler into the areas required – your cosmetic dermatologist knows exactly where to inject for the best results.

Ice may be applied afterwards to control swelling, and your cosmetic dermatologist will massage your lips to distribute the ingredients. This helps avoid bumps. You should be able to see the results immediately, though some swelling is normal. You will be given post-enhancement care instructions by your doctor to get the most out of your new look.

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