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Protecting your investment: caring for tattoos

Protecting your investment: caring for tattoos
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Set and forget doesn’t work for tattoos if you want them to last beautifully. Protect your investment by choosing your inks and artist carefully, then caring for your tattooed skin properly.

Before you get tattooed

  • Tattoo ink varies widely in quality, so choose a practitioner who takes pride in their inks
  • Ask your tattoo artist about UV-resistant inks if your tattoo is in an exposed area like arm, shoulder, or calf
  • Make sure your tattoo artist has been doing tattoos a long time – don’t let an amateur touch your skin
  • Understand how the different colours will fade over time, so you know what to expect
  • Check when you’ll need touch-ups of colour – no tattoo can last a lifetime without fading, so getting touch-ups is part of keeping your tattoo beautiful
  • Try to avoid areas with moles – it can make it harder to do mole checks for changes if a mole is disguised

How to care for your tattooed skin
When you get a tattoo, you will be advised on proper immediate tattoo care by your tattoo artist. This typically involves a sort of emollient cream applied daily to the tattoo to keep the skin protected, moist, and cared for. Follow the advice of your tattoo artist, particularly around sun exposure and infection risks.

Once your tattoo is healed completely, you’ll need to care for the skin in a more attentive way.

Ongoing tattooed skin care

  • Moisturise the skin, but don’t use petroleum-based products – they can cause faster fading
  • Always put sunscreen on your tattoo if you are going to be out in the sun – the sun fades ink fast
  • Don’t use tanning beds or sunlamps
  • Keep an eye on your tattooed skin – if it changes in any way besides the obvious, see a dermatologist to be checked

If you don’t want a tattoo anymore or you want to alter a tattoo that you have, there are laser options for removal.

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