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The quickest way to a new nose – the nonsurgical nose job in Melbourne

The quickest way to a new nose – the nonsurgical nose job in Melbourne
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Nose jobs are now far easier and more comfortable than ever. In fact, the reason nose jobs are so quick and easy is because we can now use dermal fillers to smooth out bumps and lumps, and even up the nose, instead of rhinoplasty surgery.

The beauty of these treatments is that they are temporary, so you can test drive your look, either keeping up your treatments over your lifetime, or opting for a longer-lasting solution later on, like a surgical rhinoplasty. You can have a new nose in as little as an hour with a nonsurgical dermal filler nose job at our Melbourne clinic. We can help you get the nose of your dreams, including adding volume to the bridge or near the forehead, creating a more balanced look to the face. Harmony is our goal.

Why your nose matters to your face

Your nose is one of the most prominent features of your face, and impacts your overall appearance. Up until quite recently, your only option for altering your nose was rhinoplasty surgery – a permanent change to your face requiring significant recovery periods and downtime. Now, no such problems exist. You can walk in and walk out with a new nose.

We can make your nose seem smaller, as impossible as that may sound – by adding filler to lift the tip and correcting any asymmetry, the nose looks smaller. This can help create balance in the face. A straighter nose blends into the face better, making it stand out less and thus appear less noticeable to an observer.

We use a dermal filler for nonsurgical nose jobs at our Melbourne clinic. Our dermal filler substance is not an allergen, and is readily accepted by the body. It also improves the skin over time, unlike some other fillers. It is reabsorbed into your body over a period of many months or years, with a nonsurgical nose job able to be sustained for over a year with one treatment. You may need touch ups, and you will need the treatment repeated if you want to maintain your look.

Another drawcard of our dermal fillers is that we have an enzyme on hand that dissolves them, so if for some reason you change your mind, we can quickly dissolve the filler on the spot, leaving you just how we found you.

What is the nonsurgical nose job procedure like?

We take photos of you before and after so you have a good comparison once the procedure is complete – results are instant. We apply numbing cream to the nose before we do the injections, and may apply cooling to help reduce any bruising. We then precisely inject the dermal filler into your nose at specific points based on your needs, with the tip more sensitive than other parts of the nose, though the procedure should be comfortable. You can return to work immediately, though sometimes mild bruising or swelling may occur.

Who can get a nonsurgical nose job at our Melbourne clinic?

If you are unhappy with the shape of your nose, we can help. Minor bumps, deviations, tip droops or other imperfections can be treated quickly, without downtime, and with minimal risks, with a nonsurgical nose job.

We do beautiful nose jobs.
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