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Recovery from the suture lift

Recovery from the suture lift
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Recovery from the suture lift

  • There may be some initial minimal bruising and swelling.
  • Most patients experience some initial tightness, which may feel uncomfortable or painful to varying degrees. This usually occurs in the scalp or behind the ears.
  • Patients are prescribed pain relief for comfort and medication to help them sleep if there is a concern.
  • Each patient has a nurse’s mobile phone number for out-of-hours contact if any concern arises.
  • Most patients experience little if any problems, with any discomfort settling over time.
  • Most patients return to work after two to four days. This largely depends on the individual, their occupation and lifestyle.
  • Make-up can be applied the following day to camouflage any bruising.
  • Initially there is a wrinkle or fold of excess skin in front of the ear or temple depending on the area lifted. This usually settles over the next few weeks. In most cases this is easily camouflaged by pulling the hair forward for this period of time.
  • Some patients may choose to resume social activities immediately if they camouflage the wrinkling at the sides of their face.

Risks and complications

Although, extremely unlikely, all possible risks will be discussed at the consultation appointment.

To date, the most common problem is ‘stitch extrusion’. This is usually nothing more than an inconvenience and a minor annoyance to the patient.

The threads holding the lift are secured under the skin, and occasionally the thread pushes its way to the skin surface. This never alters any lift and to date has never caused an infection, it merely means the patient must return to have the stitch reburied under the skin. As the suture material is made from medical grade material, it would be extremely rare for an allergic reaction to occur.

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