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Regretful tattoo? Laser tattoo removal Melbourne at ENRICH Clinic

Regretful tattoo? Laser tattoo removal Melbourne at ENRICH Clinic
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ENRICH Clinic is home to advanced laser technologies that can help you end tattoo regret. Our team of experienced cosmetic doctors, dermatologists and nurses are highly trained in the use of lasers to remove tattoos. Contact us today to start your tattoo removal journey.

How does laser tattoo removal Melbourne work? 

Laser used in the treatment of tattoo removal deliver extremely short and high-powered pulses into the pigment of the tattoo. This causes the pigment in the tattoo to shatter. The pigment is disrupted and the immune system naturally removes it from the body. Laser tattoo removal can be uncomfortable. Numbing and anaesthetic agents can be used prior to the treatment to help alleviate discomfort as much as possible.

Side effects – laser tattoo removal Melbourne 

Occasionally, some scarring can occur following laser tattoo removal treat. This is more likely if the patient has existing scarring in the area from their initial tattoo treatment.

Additionally, some laser tattoo removal may result in pigmentation issues in the patient. Your doctor will outline in detail any potential side effects of laser tattoo removal, along with the likelihood of them occurring.

How long will it take for the tattoo to disappear?  

The length and number of tattoo removal treatments required will be dependent on various factors, including the size, colour and location of your tattoo. Larger tattoos with numerous colours will require more regular treatment, as each individual colour will be targeted at separate appointments. Appointments for smaller tattoos with only one colour can be attended to less frequently.

Between treatments, it is normal for the treatment area to swell and scab. The ink will be broken down and removed by your body’s immune system. Your doctor will outline in detail the required number of treatments and any possible side effects during consultation.

We can help with tattoo regret. Contact ENRICH Clinic Melbourne to make an appointment for laser tattoo removal.

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