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Say bye-bye to your tramp stamp with laser tattoo removal in Melbourne

Say bye-bye to your tramp stamp with laser tattoo removal in Melbourne
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  • Say bye-bye to your tramp stamp with laser tattoo removal in Melbourne

Laser tattoo removal in Melbourne can wipe your lower back’s slate clean after the sheen and crusts have worn off your lower back tattoo.

While some of you will want to keep your tramp stamp gorgeous lower back tatt, changing tastes, styles and growing older are usually triggers to ditch the tattoos you got when you thought it was cool and sexy. Luckily this is easier, more comfortable and cheaper than ever with the plethora of laser tattoo removal studios popping up around Melbourne.

But do these laser tattoo removalists know what they’re doing? Maybe not.

Having the right laser for laser tattoo removal is critical not to only actually getting rid of your tattoo, but not leaving behind shadows, being able to remove all colours, and not being extremely painful. This is a tough call, since most laser tattoo removal clinics use a variation on either an IPL laser (which is not very effective at removing tattoos) or cheap Chinese lasers that are limited in power and ability. Anyone can import a laser and start up a laser clinic – there are no regulations in this industry, leaving many people untrained and inexperienced.

We use the very best, fastest, most effective tattoo removal laser in Melbourne

Our picosecond laser is one of only three of its kind in Australia, a state-of-the-art piece of technology. Our laser can remove any colour tattoo on any skin tone in less time and with less pain than other lasers. If you are getting tattoos removed, you want it done with this magnificent laser by our experienced technicians.

Top 10 most regretted tattoos

  1. Lower back tattoos (tramp stamp)
  2. Tribal arm tattoos
  3. Ex partner’s name
  4. Any tattoo gotten whilst drunk
  5. Tattoos on parts of the body that have changed (belly with pregnancy, wrinkled skin, etc.)
  6. Bad quality tattoos or tattoos with mistakes
  7. Visible tattoos, like those on the neck or wrists
  8. Bands
  9. Eye brows – cosmetic tattoos
  10. Interests change – don’t like the thing in the tattoo as much as you used to

How to get laser tattoo removal in Melbourne

While you are spoilt for choice in terms of laser tattoo removal clinic in Melbourne, you would be wise to investigate your laser tattoo removalist prior to getting any laser tattoo removal treatments.

First, how experienced are they? Second, what sort of laser are they using? Don’t get laser tattoo removal with IPL lasers, and be sure to find a clinic with a picosecond laser (like ENRICH Clinic in Armadale, Melbourne). You should know how many colours your tattoo contains (some lasers can’t do certain colours, or can’t do them very well), and ask specifically about those colours with your laser tattoo removalist.

The bigger and more colourful your tattoo is, the longer it will take to remove. Some small tattoos may be quick, but large, dense tattoos do take some time.

We have the best laser for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne.

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