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Scarring after liposuction breast reduction

Scarring after liposuction breast reduction
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The tumescent technique of liposuction breast reduction uses microcannulas, which are really tiny tubes. They are inserted into the breast via very small incisions that only need to be big enough to fit the tiny tube through – about 1mm, which is smaller than a toothpick.

The small incisions are called adits, and they are created using the same tool we use for doing biopsies, called a punch. The small hole is so tiny it heals with almost no visible scarring.

When the liposuction procedure is being performed on the breast, the hole can be stretched – breast tissue is naturally very flexible, if you consider how many shape and size and function changes a breast can encounter across a lifetime.

There can be up to 10 adits – tiny holes – created on each breast. There are no large incisions or scars. The tiny scars that do form often disappear within months.

Darker skin or pigmented skin may end up with some tiny spots of increased pigmentation at the adit site, however this extra pigmentation tends to disappear over one or two years.

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The tumescent liposuction technique is widely regarded as the best way to perform liposuction, since the anaesthetic injected into the liposuction treatment area actually stops most of the bleeding that would normally accompany liposuction. This excess bleeding then results in heavy bruising, which can take a long time to disappear as the body naturally scavenges the dead cells for removal.

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