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Your skin bacteria could be causing your acne

Your skin bacteria could be causing your acne
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Have you ever wondered about those millions of bacteria living on your skin, and what they do all day? Well, more than you think, so it seems, if you are prone to acne. Acne might be all about the balance of bacteria, and not caused by any one specific type.

Acne develops most in areas of the body that have lots of sebaceous glands, which can cause clogged pores and provide a food source for bacteria. If there is plenty of food, the bacteria can grow out of control, getting into the clogged pores and causing them to become inflamed – red, sore, and pimply. The bacteria can then ‘turn off’ the skin’s ability to defend itself inside the pore so that it can survive longer, allows the bacteria to thrive inside the pore, but resulting in the breakdown of skin cells and structure. This results in a space being created below the skin, which is why acne scars have their classic pitted appearance.

Some strains of bacteria are more inclined to cause acne problems than others. Just like in your belly, the collection of bacteria matters, not just the presence of one or another – we need a balance between microbes to keep our skin healthy and prevent infections. When this balance is off, some bacteria can cause problems, like acne. This could mean in future we have more personalised acne treatments, based on our skin microbiome, though for now we are still using lights, lasers, hormones and creams to treat acne. It’s effective, but the future may hold greater promise using bacterial colonies to fight for us.

At the moment, addressing bacteria on the skin is done in a few ways in acne, and you our range of acne and acne scars treatments at ENRICH  including lasers, creams, radio frequency and oral medications, depending on the patient needs. Having healthy, rejuvenated skin cells means your skin can defend itself better, while also rebalancing the bacteria to remove any infections and overgrowths.

We can treat your acne and acne scarring.
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