Skin tightening and fat removal – the nonsurgical tummy tuck

Cosmetic surgery MelbourneHaving a belly that you feel good about can be elusive after the effects of pregnancies, or significant weight loss or gain. You may look at photos of before and afters of the surgical tummy tuck and think that is the only way to achieve such huge changes to your abdomen. This is only partially true, since skin tightening and fat removal procedures can also create significant change. 

A surgical tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is an extremely invasive surgery – the entire flap of skin that covers your abdomen, including your belly button, is peeled away, your insides are rearranged in whatever way is necessary, and then you are sewn up. The scarring can be significant as is the downtime. A tummy tuck is a big deal, and while the results are impressive, a tummy tuck is not the only effective treatment for sagging skin or excess fat.

Demand for nonsurgical treatments is growing swiftly, with more and more clinics offering no- or-low-downtime skin tightening and fat removal techniques. There are now more variety of these techniques on offer than ever before. Nonsurgical body contouring is a hot topic, for many reasons: it’s less expensive in time, money and recovery, it’s effective, and it’s available at almost everyMelbourne clinic.

Choosing the best treatment for your concerns should be part of a larger conversation you have with your cosmetic dermatologist or doctor, since they know their technology the best, and can work with your budget and needs to get the best results.

Things you should familiarise yourself before making a decision include:

  • Treatment times – how long does one treatment take
  • Number of sessions required for optimal results
  • Pain or discomfort either during or after treatments
  • Bruising and swelling to be expected and for how long
  • Cost
  • How often treatments need to be repeated
  • How effective the treatments are
  • If you are a suitable candidate

Sometimes the best solution for a person will be a tummy tucks, but it bears considering other options first to minimise downtime, keep scarring to a minimum, and improve tissue.

Fat freezing, liposuction and ThermiTight are all minimally invasive fat removal options with varying degrees of usefulness, depending on the person –pockets of fat can be removed using any of these methods, while larger fat deposits may need liposuction to get faster results.

New technologies mean nonsurgical skin tightening and fat reduction is a real possibility for many areas of the body. You might have uneven fat distribution, sagging skin after weight gain/loss or pregnancy, fat bulges or pouches.

Keeping your expectations reasonable is important. Results are not going to be as dramatic as a tummy tuck, but many of you don’t need drastic surgery for improvements in skin texture, tone and shape. Body contouring is all about shape, and that can be modified using some novel and surprising means these days.

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