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South Korea’s trend of ‘smile surgery’

South Korea’s trend of ‘smile surgery’
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An emerging surgery in South Korea is smile surgery to upturn the corners of the mouth for a perpetual grin. A new plastic surgery curls lips upwards to ‘correct drooping lips’, and keep a cheerful look no matter what’s really going on inside. The muscles that support the mouth are manipulated, with the technique being performed at the AONE clinic who is calling it the Smile Lipt.

The Joker-style surgery is being performed more frequently now along with other face-shaping procedures, such as the double jaw surgery. The double jaw surgery involves cutting bone to realign the upper and lower jaws for a smaller jaw.

The clinic claims that some people have ‘sagging mouths’ because the strength of the muscles that lift the edges of the lips and mouth are weak, but the jaw muscles that pull the mouth downwards are overdeveloped. These claims are not based in any medical condition, but the notion that a smiling face is a good face. Most of us, however, don’t naturally have lips that curl up at the edges, but are either in a neutral position or slightly downturned.

The Smile Lipt procedure lifts and curls the corners of the mouth via changes to the way facial muscles operate. The lip depressors are weakened so that the lift of the mouth is unopposed. Muscles are cut and repositioned to get the desired effect, which in essence gives a person a resting smiley face. It means that even when a person is not smiling, they appear to be quite content.

South Korea has a very high rate of plastic surgery, with niche surgeries appearing for Korean-specific ideals of beauty, which often include smaller jaws in women to appear more feminine, and nose and eyelid surgeries.

There are no studies to see if the surgery negatively affects the use of the mouth for eating, talking, singing or kissing.

Getting a more beautiful smile without surgery
Surgery to upturn the lips is a drastic and risky maneuver that is largely unnecessary with the advent of dermal lip fillers judiciously injected into specific points on the lips and surrounding areas of the mouth. Muscle-relaxant anti-wrinkle injections can also be useful, working in a similar way to the surgery, but without the risks. These injections can harmlessly and effectively give the mouth a lift, including around the edges, without a single cut.

Your natural smile is the most beautiful.
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