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Some unexpectedly sweet things about lip fillers

Some unexpectedly sweet things about lip fillers
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Lip Fillers and how great they are - Melbourne injectionsLip fillers are having their moment in the sun – effective volume boosters to even the tiniest of lips. But why are lip fillers so good? We explain.

#1. Lip fillers make your lips better.

That’s right. Safe as houses, lip filler at our Melbourne clinic is a substance found naturally in our skin and tissue. This substance acts as a transporter fluid that can absorb up to a thousand times its weight in water. This means that it’s extremely hydrating, stimulating to your tissues, and creates a healthier environment than when it wasn’t there. Far from damaging your body, you are actually improving your skin. Can’t beat that.

#2. It’s reversible in five minutes.

If you hate it or for some reason you chose your practitioner poorly and they made a mistake, your practitioner has the enzyme that breaks down the dermal filler on hand and your wonky lips can be dissolved instantaneously.

The beauty of the treatments, however, is that It’s like a piece of art – a little here, a little there, and then, voila, beautiful lips.

#3. There is no wait for the results – it’s instant!

You can walk into a clinic and walk out with luscious lips. It’s that simple. There may be a tiny bit of swelling immediately afterwards, but this will only add to your bee-stung look and fade quickly.

#4. Lip fillers are temporary.

This is a benefit for several reasons. If you want to look a certain way your whole life, then sure, you could try to get longer-lasting lip fillers, but in reality, your look will change as you walk through life, just as fashions do. Nobody thought the low brow would be in, but look, here it is, low as the lowest low and thick as thick can be. Fashions change, and what’s hot in lips could be different in a year or two. In fact, it will almost certainly be different. You don’t want to be stuck with one look.

#5. If you are NOT a skinny twig, your lip fillers will last longer.

Slim people have faster metabolisms, and will absorb the lip fillers much faster than those with slower metabolisms.

#6. Lip fillers don’t hurt.

It might seem like they would, but they don’t really. You have an initial sting, but with the numbing cream, you don’t feel a thing. Your lips don’t hurt afterwards.

#7. Nobody will know you had lip fillers unless you tell them.

Lip fillers, done properly, look completely natural. Your Melbourne cosmetic dermatologist will choose the right amount of filler for your face, and while you can bring in photos of lips you love, the ultimate outcome will be determined by what suits your face.

There is just no way anyone would suspect that you have had your lips done unless you insist upon getting very full lips that don’t match your face. With a good practitioner, this is less likely to happen, as they will advise against it. You looking ridiculous is not good for business!

#8. At ENRICH, all injectors are cosmetic dermatologists – not beauticians or nurses.

This matters when it comes to anything you get done to your face – qualified and specialised is how you should be rolling. A doctor has very different training to a nurse (even highly qualified nurses, like ours) and certainly to a beautician. Facial anatomy is a critical element of any injecting for safety and lovely lips.

We do beautiful lips.
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