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Stop Snoring at ENRICH Clinic

Stop Snoring at ENRICH Clinic
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Our state-of-the-art snoring laser treatments treat the cause of your snoring by tightening the tissue in your soft palate using the Romeo laser. These snoring treatments reduce the vibrations that contribute to snoring, giving everyone a better night’s sleep.

Research shows that snoring can be reduced by up to 60 per cent after two or three treatments with our high-tech targeted laser designed specifically for managing snoring. The Romeo laser we use at ENRICH is effective, safe and comfortable, and may reduce your snoring considerably in just a few treatments.

Why choose ENRICH for your laser snoring treatments?

ENRICH Clinic has top-of-the-range laser technology and highly trained, experienced doctors using only the best equipment: the Romeo laser was tailor-made for just a few applications, snoring being one. We love our Romeo laser and have seen excellent results for snorers.

ENRICH Clinic in Armadale, Melbourne, has everything you need to stop snoring.

10 reasons to stop snoring at ENRICH Clinic today:

  1. Effective laser solutions
  2. Best anti-snoring technology available
  3. Highly skilled, experienced doctors
  4. Painless 20-30-minute treatments
  5. Just a few treatments necessary for optimal benefits
  6. No downtime – walk in and walk out, lunchtime treatments
  7. Men and women treated
  8. You and your partner will get a better sleep
  9. Reduce dry nose and mouth in the morning
  10. Look and feel more rested

stop snoring treatment melbourne

Stop Snoring Laser Treatments FAQ

  1. How effective is the laser treatment for snoring?
    According to research, laser treatments for snoring are ‘effective and very well tolerated by patients’, and one study found laser treatments reduced snoring by 60 per cent, though some patients had reductions of greater than 60 per cent.
  2. Do laser treatments for snoring hurt during or after treatments?
    Laser treatments for snoring at ENRICH at our Melbourne clinic are very comfortable for patients. You will feel a warm sensation at the back of the throat as the laser works to tighten your tissue, however, this is not painful. Post-treatment recovery is very quick and there is no downtime at all – you can continue your day immediately after treatments.

How long does it take to see results from laser snoring treatments?

Snoring will immediately worsen for a few days, but takes about a week to start improving as the treatment takes effect, with optimal results seen after two or so treatments a month apart. Your specific case will be examined by one of ENRICH’s specialist doctors, who can carefully explain what you should expect based on your anatomy and personal history.

  1. How much do snoring laser treatments cost?
    Each person requires individualised treatment, so costs vary. Call ENRICH today for a personalised consultation to see how we can help you stop snoring.
  2. How long do snoring laser treatments last?
    Each set of treatments usually lasts from nine months up to a year, after which a top-up treatment is usually required. Everyone is slightly different in the structure of their airways, jaw and soft palate, so treatment requirements will differ accordingly. Your doctor will advise you specifically regarding your treatment strategy.

Contact us for a private consultation to see how we can help you with your snoring.

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