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Surgical tummy tuck versus nonsurgical tummy tuck – costs in Melbourne

Surgical tummy tuck versus nonsurgical tummy tuck – costs in Melbourne
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Tummy tucks are one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in Australia due to their effectiveness at tightening and trimming down the abdomen. Nonsurgical tummy tucks are a viable option in terms of cost and downtime, compared with a surgical tummy tuck which can be expensive and have a long recovery time.

The effect of a surgical tummy tuck is naturally more extensive than the nonsurgical options, and each patient will be different in needs. Not all abdominal laxity can be solved with nonsurgical options, and surgery may be a suitable option.

Finding out the exact costs of cosmetic surgery in Australia can be difficult, due to medical advertising laws and the medical code of ethics. Surgery is such a personal thing, and thorough consultation is required to ensure the safety of any procedures. This means you usually get a price at the end of your consultations when your surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist knows exactly what they are going to be doing.

Nonsurgical tummy tuck costs in Melbourne

Your nonsurgical tummy tuck will be tailored to your needs, so the cost of that package will be given to you after your consultation. You will likely need a series of treatments using the various skin tightening technology, and the fat removal treatments will vary depending on the type of treatment used.

You can expect to pay between AU$1,000 – AU$7,000, depending on your abdominal condition at consultation. You may find that what you want can be done with nonsurgical options, which is worth trying out first before diving into extensive abdominal surgery.

Nonsurgical tummy tucks at our Melbourne clinic may involve:

  • ThermiTight radiofrequency probe (under skin for skin tightening and some fat removal)
  • Liposuction for fat pockets, naturally retracts skin afterwards
  • Laser for skin tightening, improves collagen production, non-invasive
  • Ultrasound skin tightening, improves collagen production, non-invasive
  • Fat freezing, removes fat, non-invasive
  • Lipodissolve fat removal, non-invasive

Surgical tummy tuck costs in Melbourne

In Australia, you will find a reasonable variety of prices for surgical tummy tucks per surgeon, but cost is also determined by how much work is required. Some surgical tummy tucks are very quick and straightforward, while others are more involved.

The abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgically removes excess skin and fat and tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall. Typically laxity has occurred due to weight loss or pregnancy, and the skin may have stretch marks and sagging. There are several options between a full tummy tuck or just the lower abdomen.

You can expect to pay between AU$6,000 and AU$10,000 for a surgical tummy tuck, not including any private health cover rebates. Recovery is much longer, and downtime is extensive, since it is major surgery.

Note: ENRICH Clinic only performs nonsurgical tummy tuck treatments at our Melbourne clinic.

Costs involved in a surgical tummy tuck include:

  • Cost of the surgeon
  • Assistant fees
  • Anaesthetist fees
  • Operating theatre costs
  • Follow-up visits and care
  • Support garments
  • GST

We do effective nonsurgical tummy tuck treatments at our Melbourne clinic.
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