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Tattoo removal – what are your options?

Tattoo removal – what are your options?
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When it comes to removing tattoos, there is only one option: laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal has revolutionised the way we think of tattoo permanence, since those errors in judgement or old styles can now be removed. But, this removal process is still in its infancy in terms of how quickly and effectively a tattoo can be removed.

Tattoo removal should be done with a specialised laser that works on the various colours in your tattoo. Not all tattoo-removal lasers are created equal, so choose your provider carefully based on their experience and laser type.

At ENRICH, we have a state-of-the-art tattoo-removal laser, one of just three in Australia: the PiQ04 or what’s known as a picosecond laser. Our picosecond laser is the fastest and most powerful tattoo-removal laser available, and makes short(er) work of removing tattoos.

Read more about the science behind the picosecond laser for tattoo removal.

How the laser tattoo removal process works

The laser is calibrated for a single colour in your tattoo. Not all lasers can match all colours, so we may use another of our high-tech lasers for the different colours if necessary. All our lasers are top of the line cosmetic dermatology lasers.

We prepare your skin, then start the laser treatment. The laser is aimed at one specific colour on your tattoo at a time, and the practitioner will start to treat the pigment bit by bit. You’ll feel pinpricks, like a rubber band being flicked on your skin. Everyone deals with this sensation differently, but we can administer pain relief if necessary – we are a medical clinic, and have options that regular laser tattoo removal clinics do not.

If your tattoo is just one colour, then we keep going until your tattoo is fully treated, the appointment time is up, or you have had enough. If your tattoo is multiple colours, we’ll switch the calibration of the laser to another colour frequency as needed, and work our way through your tattoo in the session. You always need more than one session.

The laser emits a very quick (picosecond), powerful energy pulse that breaks up the tattoo pigment into tiny pieces. The surrounding skin is far less affected with the very short burst of energy from a picosecond laser, compared with other lasers that have a longer pulse. This longer pulse of inferior machines causes more damage to surrounding skin cells, causing more inflammation and more pain. Our lasers can reduce the pain associated with tattoo removal, with these short and powerful picosecond pulses.

The tattoo pigment is broken up and your body’s immune system then scavenges and removes these small fragments over time. This means when you have your first appointment, you’ll walk out with red skin, but the next time you come, it’ll be healed and faded. Your body picks up the tiny fragments and escorts them out of your body safely, reducing the amount of pigment in your skin between appointments.

We can do multiple colours in one session, but due to the nature of the tattoo removal process, we can only work on one area for so long. Each time you come back, your tattoos will have reduced in intensity until they eventually disappear. When you’re happy with your clear skin, your treatments can stop.

There is no scarring after laser tattoo removal, since we are not damaging the skin or causing it to scar. The damage to skin cells is temporary, and naturally heals like a scrape or graze. You may find that the area scabs up after treatments, which is normal.

How long does it take to remove a tattoo?

Because the process naturally takes time, how long it takes to remove a tattoo depends heavily on the nature of your tattoo. This may include the area of your body on which the tattoo resides, how many colours it has, and how big the tattoo is. It may also depend on your tolerance of the laser tattoo removal process.

Small black tattoos may take several sessions to remove completely, while a large, colourful tattoo may take more than 10 sessions. You pay per session, however bulk discounts may apply if you get a quote for multiple sessions at once.

The best way to figure out how long it will take to remove your particular tattoo is to get a consultation and a quote. Laser tattoo removal is an investment, and having the best laser and practitioner removing your tattoo means less appointments, faster tattoo removal, and less pain. Cheap tattoo removal may end up costing you in pain and time, so beware bargain tattoo removal clinics!

Cosmetic tattoos (‘permanent makeup’) may include:

  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrows
  • Lip liner
  • Lip fill

Laser tattoo removal of cosmetic tattoos

Removing cosmetic tattoos like eyeliner or eyebrows is a bit different to removing regular tattoos due to the nature of the pigment in cosmetic tattoos. Cosmetic tattoo pigment is made out of safer ingredients than regular tattoo pigments, but it doesn’t respond as well to the laser. Cosmetic tattoo pigment is supposed to be temporary, as opposed to lifelong, like regular tattoos. The delicate areas being treated also require extra care.

Sometimes light colours are used in cosmetic tattoos, which are harder for the laser frequencies to pick up. Our range of lasers means we can remove any colour, except white – nobody can get rid of that. (But, you can get a skin-coloured tattoo over the top of white to disguise it, if you prefer.)

Cosmetic tattoos may be a little trickier to remove, but if anyone can help you, it’s ENRICH. We have multiple high-tech lasers, very experienced practitioners, and the expertise to overcome any tattoo challenges. We’ve been removing tattoos since the technology to do so was invented, and our practitioners are the best in the business.

We are laser tattoo removal experts with the very best lasers.
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