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The arm lift – arm liposuction for reshaping and defining

The arm lift – arm liposuction for reshaping and defining
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  • The arm lift – arm liposuction for reshaping and defining

Having baggy skin and excess fat on the upper arms can be a source of concern aesthetically for men and women alike. The excess skin might be due to weight loss, muscle loss, or simply the way your skin has changed over time, and fat collects on the arms as another storage centre of energy. This skin and fat can hide muscle, disguising the best features of our arms.

If you have been working out, not being able to fully appreciate the work you’ve been putting in can be discouraging, since our arms are one of the most visible parts of our bodies.

Having an arm lift can rejuvenate the appearance of the arms, and can include several treatments to get the best results. This may be removal of some fat from inside the arm using liposuction, wave-based skin-tightening treatments, and if there is a significant amount of excess skin, removal of a section of skin.

The shape of the upper arm
The upper arm is composed of muscle, bone, tendons, ligaments and fat. The skin that encompasses these structures stretches and retracts, though in most people the extent of stretching of this area is not as great as say, our belly area. This does not leave the arms exempt from becoming large and loose, feeling flabby.

Arm reshaping
Reducing fat in the arm is a reasonably straightforward procedure involving liposuction, after which the arm is reshaped to enhance its natural features. This can be used to accentuate muscle, and may extend down to the elbow, where fat can collect. This is a long-lasting solution to excess fat in the upper arm area.

Skin-tightening procedures are used with excellent results on arms, and can be a much less invasive option than skin removal.

Removing skin will be determined on an individual basis in cases of a lot of baggy, inelastic skin, and does leave a small scar on the inner arm.

An arm lift can tighten, shape, and accentuate your arms.

Be comfortable in your own skin. 
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