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The art of facial sculpting with dermal filler

The art of facial sculpting with dermal filler
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Dermal filler injections in Armadale MelbourneIf you thought dermal filler was easy to apply, cosmetic dermatology 101, think again. The artistry involved in creating facial form with dermal fillers is incredibly complex and elegant; a job only to be undertaken by a skilled injector.

A cosmetic doctor must take into account symmetry, underlying structures and frame when rejuvenating the face using dermal filler.

Medicine is part art part science, and this is arguably most true when it comes to surgery and cosmetic procedures. Dermal fillers are one of the most utilised cosmetic tools that we have at our fingertips to shape and rejuvenate facial elements. Judicious use of these tools is critical for beautiful outcomes when using dermal filler at our Melbourne clinic.

Facial sculpting using dermal fillerhas been compared with painting in 3D, with the opportunity for a surgeon or doctor to draw on their artistic skill to get the best aesthetic outcome for their patient. When you consider facial sculpting to be art, it becomes inspiring, instead of trying to get the sort-of-scientific ‘golden ratios’ right, which doesn’t always work out – human faces are complex in their own right, but when you add our perception of beauty into the equation, it gets truly tricky. We don’t fully understand yet what makes someone ‘attractive’ or not, or which facial features we do or don’t like. All of someone’s ‘ratios’ could be out, but they could be incredibly attractive and considered beautiful by just about everybody, big nose, wonky eyes and all.

When your cosmetic doctor starts to think of your face as a lump of clay or marble that they get to mould, they become a sculptor, not a doctor. Well, a doctor and a sculptor. They can step back and look at the whole, rather than getting tied up in the minutia of a nose or eyebrow or wrinkle.

Everyone has a signature feature – whether that feature gets enhanced or diffused (or maintained as is) depends on the feature and the person. Symmetry and balance are key, so if someone wants to make a prominent nose less of a feature, enhancing the lips may work incredibly quickly to augment the face for greater balance. Drawing attention to one feature can quickly reduce the impact of another; changes don’t have to be dramatic to create balance.

Another example of creating balance is seeing whether underlying structures are concave or convex – applying the opposite with dermal filler can bring about significant yet subtle changes to a face. The midface may be concave, which can be combated using tear trough dermal filler and midface dermal filler injections.

Dermal filler injections work magic on some faces where the balance is off in some way. This can work extremely well for those who have been in accidents, for facial reconstruction where the underlying structure has had significant work applied and needs tiny touch-ups to iron out irregularities in the surface or appearance.

There is a common misconception that facial shaping always means adding volume, but this is incorrect – reducing volume may also play a role, using muscle and nerve relaxant injections to reduce the volume of muscle or other tissue.

Facial sculpting using dermal filler is complicated, so get the best at our Melbourne clinic.

We do beautiful faces.
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