The best and worst candidates for breast-reduction liposuction

Reducing the size of your breasts using liposuction isn’t for everyone. Each woman will have her unique breast size and shape, and the separate issues of back pain, movement impediments and aesthetic concerns. Tumescent liposuction is useful for many women, but not appropriate for all cases.

Who gets the best results from breast-reduction liposuction?

  • Women whose breasts contain a large amount of fat
  • Many postmenopausal women, whose breasts often contain more fat
  • Those with realistic expectations
  • Younger, overweight women

Who is not a good candidate for breast-reduction liposuction?

  • Women whose breasts contain large amounts of glandular tissue rather than fat
  • Women who think they will get perfect breasts after the procedure or have unrealistic expectations
  • Those with very pendulous breasts that do not contain much fat (’empty’ breasts)
  • Thin young women – too much glandular tissue
  • Anyone with very, very large breasts
  • Women with fibrocystic disease of the breast
  • Anyone with a history (family or personal) of breast cancer

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Anyone with breasts that contain a large amount of fat is a great candidate. It’s important to remember that not every breast is simply fatty tissue, but in fact could be almost completely made up of glandular tissue. A thin young woman with large breasts likely has mostly glandular tissue in her breasts, which does not respond well to liposuction. For these women, a traditional surgical breast reduction may be a better option.

For women with a lot of sagging skin but very little breast tissue, excess skin removal and breast implants may be a more appropriate option, since liposuction will be essentially useless in this case.

Women with very, very large breasts may not get as much reduction as they want, since we can’t remove more than about 50 per cent of breast tissue. A traditional surgical breast reduction may be more appropriate, despite scarring.

The only way to know for sure what the best method for your breast augmentation, reduction, or reshaping will be is to sit down with an experienced cosmetic doctor, who can explain your breast structure and shape and the best techniques to achieve your goals.

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