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The CelluFix Program – our technology

The CelluFix Program – our technology
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Our unique CelluFix program for cellulite and skin tightening includes tailored use of the following: 

The Slimspec plus Diode Program is a zero-downtime treatment using acoustic wave therapy. The Slimspec device works specifically on connective tissue and tightening skin to improve the appearance of cellulite.

The Secret plus Slimspec Program has minimal to moderate downtime, using radiofrequency with needling. This treatment has offered excellent results in diminishing the appearance of cellulite and skin firmness, with the Slimspec treatment for skin tightening after needling.

The ThermiTight plus Slimspec Program has minimal to moderate downtime, using the ThermiTight to loosen bands of fibrous connective tissue to reduce cellulite, with the Slimspec for skin tightening.

The Clatuu Fat Freezing plus Slimspec Program has minimal downtime, and uses our state-of-the-art fat freezing Clatuu, plus Slimspec for skin tightening post treatment.

The Ultraformer plus Slimspec Program has minimal downtime for treating very loose skin and cellulite. The Ultraformer III is an excellent skin tightener, plus the Slimspec for double the effect.

The Venus plus Slimspec Program is a minimal-downtime program for loose skin and cellulite, for maximum skin tightening.

Combination programs can be used to suit your individual needs, which may be required if you have a lot of dense cellulite and loose skin.

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