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The cost of liposuction in Melbourne

The cost of liposuction in Melbourne

There are laws regarding the advertising of cosmetic procedure pricing in Australia, which is why you can’t find prices for liposuction in Australia online.

Doing a quick search for ‘cheap liposuction‘ in an attempt to find out how much liposuction costs (so you can compare prices like you would any other product or service – smart) won’t get you far. This price search – as you may have noticed – won’t yield much in the ways of cost, since doctors are not allowed to advertise their prices prior to a consultation with a patient.

Why does this law exist to prevent searching for liposuction cost?
Each patient is different, and therefore it’s impossible to know what a person seeking liposuction actually needs, compared to another patient. It might not be liposuction at all, or it could be a collection of procedures for which the cost is variable. We are all individuals with individual needs, and our medical system honours this.

Investing time, money, and hope in your surgeon – the cost of liposuction in melbourne
We are much more likely to go ahead with a surgeon we have already invested our consultation fee and our body-image hopes and dreams in. This means doing your homework before you make your appointment is really important, because not all cosmetic surgeons are created equal.

Having a great surgeon means more experience, effective techniques, and the latest and best equipment.

You are paying for expertise, experience, and equipment – don’t skimp
You only want to do this once, so seek out and shortlist the best, most respected cosmetic surgeons, and make your first consultation with one of them. You won’t regret feeling safe in their hands when you wake up from your surgery.

Getting liposuction is such a personal thing, and having it go badly because you chose the cheap option can be devastating. Don’t let this happen to you.

Use your money wisely by choosing a doctor who takes the utmost pride in their work. 

Dr Rich at ENRICH is a leader in his field, being at the forefront of liposuction procedures in Australia. That’s right. You could get your liposuction done by the guy who speaks at conferences and gives advice to all the other liposuction doctors.

Dr Rich was one of the first surgeons to practice liposuction in Australia over 25 years ago, and is widely considered a liposuction pioneer. Dr Rich is one of the only liposuction surgeons in Australia to use micro-cannulae, which are very tiny tubes, to suction away fatty deposits, creating a much smoother result. He starts trends, uses the best techniques, and has the best equipment.

Need more reasons to make an appointment with Dr Rich? Melbourne

  • Dr Rich chaired the liposuction symposium at the World Congress on Dermatology
  • Dr Rich regularly chairs the liposuction symposium for the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Dr Rich regularly attends – and speaks at – national and international conferences
  • Dr Rich is the founding and current president of the Skin and Cancer Foundation of Victoria, running the high-risk melanoma and laser units
  • Dr Rich developed his own range of skincare, the ENRICH range

You are in the best hands with Dr Rich in Melbourne. Contact us to arrange a consultation with Dr Rich to discuss how liposuction can improve your body shape.


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