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The long-awaited solution to your vaginal tightness woes

The long-awaited solution to your vaginal tightness woes
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  • The long-awaited solution to your vaginal tightness woes

Having a ‘relaxed vagina’ isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, but so far it has been relegated into the too-hard basket by medicine. These conversations with our doctors were not being had, for lots of reasons, but the main reason is that there just wasn’t anything to be done, particular after several babies have taken their toll. This was even truer if the tissue wasn’t destroyed enough to warrant pelvic surgery, which can be risky and has variable success rates. A stretched, loose vagina has just been the price you pay for your children.

Many of us have been paying this in several ways, since without the friction that a tighter vagina offers, orgasms aren’t so easy to come by, and our self-esteem and relationships can really suffer in a deafening silence. Nobody wants to be the one who brought up your loose vagina, that vagina that you can’t do anything about.

Until now. Now, you can rejuvenate your vagina, revive your sex life, and renew your confidence. New laser and thermal treatments have completely revolutionised vaginal treatments, and fit very tidily into the large gap between Kegels and pelvic surgery, offering women a soft-touch treatment with remarkable results.

Vaginal rejuvenation using lasers and radiofrequency

Vaginal rejuvenation is actually a blanket cosmetic term that is used to broadly discuss any procedure relating to improve either the function or appearance of the vagina, vulva, or bladder, including correcting prolapse and improving sexual response.

This is not about vanity; it’s about function.

Vaginal rejuvenation doesn’t refer to simply improving the appearance of the labia surgically (labiaplasty) – there are many ways to ‘rejuvenate’ the vagina and vulva, with arguably the most important actually not being surgical at all, but using laser and thermal treatments.

Juliet laser and the ThermiVa

These two machines are changing women’s lives. They can correct urinary incontinence, tighten and revitalise the vaginal cells, improve natural lubrication, and increase sexual responsiveness and orgasms.

How these treatments work

Temperature is used to stimulate neocollagenesis, which is the healing response that regenerates cells. This doesn’t cause any unnecessary damage to nearby tissues, making it very advantageous as a treatment strategy.

The ThermiVa is very effective on skin or tissue that is naturally moist and well hydrated, such as the vagina and vulva. We use a combination of the Juliet laser and the ThermiVa in our very effective vaginal rejuvenation program.

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