Women after menopause tend to have more fat in their breasts, due to declining oestrogen levels. The glandular tissue that we use to produce milk for breastfeeding is greatly reduced, leaving a lot of room for a successful breast reduction using liposuction.

The breasts of older women are easy to perform liposuction on and the results can be very satisfying for both surgeon and patient. Younger breasts – often quite fibrous, especially if the woman is younger and thinner – require greater effort to perform liposuction on.

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Breasts: what they’re made of

Breasts are made up of fat, lymph nodes, veins, nerves, and milk systems. There are no muscles in breasts, but the pectoral muscles lie underneath. There is also fibrous tissue inside breasts, which sometimes you can feel, though some women have more fibrous breasts than others, which is perfectly normal.

How our breasts change as we age

Your breasts will change a thousand times between your teenage years and your old age, swelling and shrinking with the ebb and flow of your hormones. Breastfeeding and age may cause breasts to become less elastic and flexible, and eventually, they will sag. But, not everyone gets saggy breasts in the same way. Smaller breasts, simply due to gravity, tend to retain their great heights far longer than bigger breasts. Same goes for breasts untouched by a baby’s mouth.

Gaining weight can also cause our breasts to change, and gain fat tissue as our fat cells store more energy, so anyone carrying extra weight normally has bigger breasts.

When your oestrogen levels are high, your breast’s milk-ducts and glands swell. This is why many women experience breast changes – and tenderness – during their menstrual cycle. Fluid gets trapped in the breast tissue, which can cause swelling and fibrous lumps.

Younger women tend to have denser breasts, which just means more glandular tissue for the possible feeding of babies. Once we get older, our milk systems shrink away to be replaced by fat. Once past menopause, our breasts will be almost entirely fat and oh-so-soft.

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