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The Suture Lift

The Suture Lift

The facial suture lift involves the insertion of nylon fibres to form an invisible ‘sling’ (like a giant crochet loop) under the skin that both supports and lifts the skin and underlying tissue.

The major advantage of the suture lift is that it requires only two small nicks to the skin, one behind the ear and the other hidden in the scalp line, which unlike the conventional ‘surgical face-lift’ leaves minimal if any scarring and is not noticeable.

Results are immediate. The skin is elevated and smoothed as the stitches are secured. The suture lift is ideally suited to both men and women whose skin tone has become lax over time with normal ageing, and/or from sun damage.

The suture lift technique:

  1. Restores volume and structure to the midface.
  2. Lifts the lower face, improving loose, wrinkled skin, drooping skin of the cheeks, jowls, corners of the mouth and neck.

It is ideal for patients who wish to have a minimally invasive procedure with tightening benefits. Sometimes a combination approach with a suture lift and dermal filler gives the best result.

At ENRICH, we also offer the alternative Silhouette Soft treatment, a less invasive treatment, performed in 30 minutes with less downtime than the suture lift. With benefits lasting up to 18 months, this treatment is sometimes the introductory step to the longer-lasting suture lift procedure, or other tightening procedures such The Ultraformer III.

Each patient is assessed individually for their suitability and their concerns.

Suture lift versus conventional face-lift:

Advantages of the suture lift:

  • Less invasive
  • Skin procedure only
  • Reversible and adjustable
  • Quick recovery time
  • Very low risk of nerve damage
  • No outward signs of scarring

Disadvantages of the suture lift:

  • May not be as effective as a conventional face-lift
  • Temporary change
  • May have a fold of skin in front of the ear for some weeks

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