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Things that may take you by surprise after tattoo removal

Things that may take you by surprise after tattoo removal
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Getting a tattoo removed is currently not as pleasant as it may be in the future. It is time-consuming, “a bit uncomfortable”, and can be costly if your practitioner has a slow, inefficient laser.

At ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne, we use the fastest, most efficient tattoo removal laser on the market, just one of three picosecond lasers in Australia. Because the picosecond laser pulses are so fast – in picoseconds – and strong, the ink particles are broken up more effectively into smaller pieces, at a quicker rate. This means less pain and a faster process, leading to fewer appointments at our Melbourne clinic being required to complete the tattoo removal process. That means saving money, time, and discomfort.

Reasons why our picosecond laser, the PiQ04, is a superior machine:

  • Faster pulses
  • Stronger pulses
  • Breaks up pigment particles into smaller pieces
  • Less treatments required
  • Less pain
  • Less side-effects

What to expect after laser tattoo removal treatments

You may experience symptoms that include blisters, swelling, redness, a raised tattoo, spot bleeding, and a darkening of the skin after tattoo removal treatments. These are all normal side-effects of the tattoo removal process, and are, despite the scary list, all quite bearable and short-lived.

Any time you use a laser for such a targeted treatment on the skin, you’ll see this type of response, since the skin is being a little bit heat damaged. This damage is not long lasting and is part of the process of breaking up the little bits of pigment.

To break the pigment up using a laser beam blast, some heat energy escapes to nearby tissue, causing the minimal damage to tissue. Therefore having the very best laser possible for your tattoo removal is key to experiencing the least side-effects.

You may experience hyper or hypo pigmentation for up to a year after tattoo removal

Changes in pigmentation of the skin is common after laser tattoo removal, but the skin will almost always return to normal after it is fully healed and all the pigment has been reabsorbed. Post tattoo removal pigmentation changes typically take from six months to a year to disappear, if they arise in the first place. Certainly it is not the norm, but it can happen.

Keloid-prone skin beware

If you are prone to keloid scarring, or a raised, red, lump keloid scar appears after your first session, you are likely not a great candidate for tattoo removal, since keloid scarring only gets worse with trauma to the skin. There are other risks, but usually burns, infection and texture changes only occur with low laser quality and poor practitioner skill. At ENRICH, your tattoo removal specialist has been performing tattoo removals for many years and knows the lasers inside out.

Some inks may oxidise with treatment, making them darker

Because your tattoo removal process will take many sessions, after each session you may see the colours of your tattoo change, particularly to darken. This is normal, as the pigments containing white ink oxidise after treatments due to the titanium dioxide content. This will resolve with further treatments. Any pigment containing iron will turn dark or grey.

Got dark skin? Tattoo removal is a bit trickier

Because the laser is trained on certain colours (dark colours) this can also mean that the melanin in darker skin is targeted by the laser. The cells that produce melanin, the melanocytes, may be damaged, which then reduces the pigmentation in that particular area of your skin. This can be longer lasting in darker skin types, so check with your technician and cosmetic dermatologist before proceeding.

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