There are a few important things to know about injectable dermal lip fillers so that you can manage your expectations, while getting the most out of your lip enhancements – they are not cheap!

Top tips for better lips:

  • The area around your mouth may benefit from injectable dermal lip fillers as well as your lips
  • You may have some swelling and bruising immediately after your injectable dermal lip fillers treatment, however we have strategies to reduce this so you can walk back out into the world
  • Injectable dermal lip fillers are applied using very fine needles to minimise damage and to increase accuracy
  • We can enhance the lips by making them bigger, evening out one side to match the other, or increasing the size or modifying the shape of one lip
  • It’s normal and natural for your lip volume to decrease over time and with advancing age – we can replace that youthful pout with injectable dermal lip fillers
  • Applying injectable dermal lip fillers well is an art – our expert injectors are all qualified, experienced cosmetic dermatologists who take great pride in their work

What are injectable dermal lip fillers?

At ENRICH our Lip enhancements are done using a synthesized substance that is naturally found in the body, in a series of carefully placed injections with a very fine needle. You can have your lips enhanced in size, volume, shape or curve, and made to look natural so nobody notices, and you can’t feel it. We can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth.

Applying dermal filler around the lips for greater enhancement overall may be part of your anti-ageing strategy. We don’t always just increase the volume of the pink parts of the lips, but can support your mouth in other ways, softening wrinkles, and creating a more youthful looking mouth. We can lift the corners of your mouth, which removes that ‘sad-face’ look that can appear as we age.

Lip injections are all about balance and building on your look so your lips always match your face – there is no right or wrong or one-size-fits-all when it comes to injectable dermal lip fillers. We’ll make sure that your mouth looks just as lovely as the rest of your face, and you walk out feeling great about your lips.

Injectable dermal lip fillers – how we decide what to do

First, we’ll have a consultation where you can tell us what you’re after. We can’t change your lips, but we can make the most of what you’ve got. You can bring in pictures of lips you admire, but remember – your lips are your lips, and they must always match your face! We’ll make your natural lips look more beautiful, using the look you’re after as a guide.

Areas of the lips that can be enhanced with injectable dermal lip fillers:

  • Fill in the body of the lip, either upper or lower to add volume, even out lips
  • Vermilion border (the line that joins the pink bit and the rest of your face), to define the outline of the lips like lip liner
  • Outside the mouth for vertical or criss-crossed lines, smoker’s lines, laugh lines
  • Philtrum softening – the two lines that join the nose and mouth
  • Oral commissures – corners of the mouth to correct a downturned mouth
  • Cupid’s bow – the little dip in the middle of the top lip, adds shape

We make more beautiful lips!
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