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Three ways to get rid of stubborn fat pockets

Three ways to get rid of stubborn fat pockets
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Getting rid of stubborn fatty deposits (like ‘saddlebags‘ or knee fat) is one way to reshape your body. There are several methods to achieve minor recontouring, with the top three being liposuction, fat freezing, and lipodissolve. Anyone who has a healthy lifestyle and has tried everything will know that sometimes, fat just sticks around.

You do have some choices when it comes to spot-fat removal. These are all long-lasting fat-removal methods, but some are more or less invasive. There are the great results of liposuction, or the less-invasive techniques of Clatuu fat freezing or lipodissolve. Your treatment will depend on your requirements, budget, and ability to take time out for recovery.

Liposuction for spot-fat removal
Liposuction for small areas can be a relatively straightforward procedure, and is often the first choice. Liposuction removes fat forever, so body shaping can be achieved in a long-lasting way. Dr Rich – who does all liposuction at ENRICH – is a leader in his field, so you know you can expect only the best.

Clatuu fat freezing for spot-fat removal
The Clatuu is a newer, improved model of fat freezing device. It is, in Dr Rich’s view, a better machine than the classic fat freezing device, the Cool Sculpt. The Clatuu can treat two areas at once, is more comfortable, cheaper, and can do 360-degree freezing.

ENRICH is one of the only clinics in Australia to have this device – no beautician or spa has access to the Clatuu fat freezing device.

Lipodissolve for spot-fat removal
Lipodissolve involves injections containing special ingredients that reduce localised fat. Lipodissolve is far less invasive than liposuction, and can work well on small areas of the body.

Fat pockets won’t go away no matter what you do?
Spot-fat removal is our thing. 
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