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Do you have Tinder neck?

Do you have Tinder neck?
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Using your mobile phone constantly could be giving you more than just a neck ache and bad posture – it could be causing you to develop wrinkles you might not normally have developed (or developed so soon) on your neck.

Tablets and mobile phone use – yes Tinder obsessives, this means you – requires us to constantly look down to see who has been in swiping right, which causes the skin on your neck to fold over and the muscles to change their levels of tension. This means creases and wrinkles can develop before their time.

While almost all cosmetic procedures are increasing at a solid clip, neck lifts and platysmal band treatments have seen a sharp rise lately. Tinder, Candy Crush and Facebook have all been blamed for trapping us in a face-off with our phones for hours on end and causing our necks to wrinkle up, though the increase in cosmetic procedures overall may also be due to our newfound obsession with selfies and video calls being easily available – where you can see yourself.

Filters and a good angle can only do so much, but they also increases our desire to look picture-perfect, despite the airbrushed look being clearly unattainable in real life. It doesn’t stop anyone from trying.

Effective treatments used for neck creases and wrinkles
We don’t expect anyone to get off their phones, but there are things you can do to help prevent further wrinkling of your neck, and to treat wrinkles and creases that have already developed.

There are two ways in which we treat neck creases and wrinkles: one is skin-tightening treatments, such as radiofrequency or laser skin rejuvenation treatments, and the other is using anti-wrinkle injections that relax nerves and muscles on the platysma muscles in the neck – the vertical muscles that can protrude when our neck is taut, and as we age, they tend to be more prominent than ever.

We have effective skin rejuvenation procedures that can rejuvenate your neck. 
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