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Tips for your (emotional) liposuction recovery period

Tips for your (emotional) liposuction recovery period
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You are likely to feel a range of emotions after your liposuction surgery, including – yes possibly! – a pang of regret amidst your happiness. Your post-op journey will be unique to you.

We can’t always predict how we are going to feel – there is a great deal of emotion tied up in our views on our bodies. While you may be absolutely thrilled with your results, there may be some challenging feelings arise during your recovery period. You should be prepared. If you have any questions at all, our Melbourne clinic will be happy to answer them.

Key ingredients for successfully navigating your post-recovery feelings:

  • Realistic expectations – liposuction surgery is not magic (though it can be life-changing)
  • Patience – your liposuction results will not necessarily be immediately obvious

Top tips for making it through recovery (no matter what it brings)

Liposuction Recovery Tip #1. Keep your expectations in check
Your expectations are going to be the prism through which you perceive your liposuction surgery. Your liposuction doctor should make very clear what you can expect from your liposuction treatments prior to your surgery, so manage your excitement and fantasies about how you are going to look, keeping realistic.

Liposuction surgery cannot make you a better person, make someone else love you, or make you love yourself more. Liposuction surgery can recontour your body so you are happier with your shape and reduce pockets of stubborn fat that won’t budge, and for many of you, this will result in increased confidence.

Liposuction Recovery Tip #2. Write down/record your reasons before liposuction surgery
Sometimes when full-scale meltdown regret kicks in (at least temporarily), we struggle to remember why we did something. It’s important to remember the reasons you underwent liposuction treatments, because we easily forget things that are no longer in front of us. Take some photos of yourself or write a journal entry about your feelings about your body and rationale for having liposuction.

Liposuction Recovery Tip #3. Remember that healing takes time
Your liposuction results may not be apparent immediately after your surgery, but this is completely normal. You could have some swelling that will need to reduce before the full effect of your liposuction surgery is apparent. Relax and know that the best is yet to come!

Liposuction Recovery Tip #4. Keep positive and occupied during your recovery
Invite a friend over to slop around in your PJs with and binge watch a new show, or if you’re up for it, go out and enjoy yourself. Nobody has to know you just had liposuction, but sharing your journey with those close to you can be fun.

Expect some oozing as the tumescent fluid drains out of your body, with the more extensive the liposuction, the more oozing that may occur, so prepare your surroundings according to your surgeon’s instructions.

Remember that your physical recovery can really impact on your emotions in ways we don’t always understand, so don’t take anything too seriously during your recovery. Your body has been through a pretty unusual occurrence, so take it easy and remember to laugh – soon enough you will see the results you were after.

If you are wondering whether liposuction is a good option for you, contact our Melbourne clinic to have a private consultation to discuss your desires.


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