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Top 9 things you should know before getting a tattoo removed

Top 9 things you should know before getting a tattoo removed
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Number 1.
Not all tattoos can be completely removed.
But getting your tattoo completely removed in as few sessions as possible can be achieved by using a clinic that has a picosecond four-wavelength laser, like the PiQ04 (we have this laser). The PiQ04 can break down all colours of tattoo ink, unlike other lasers which might only do one or two, breaking up the ink in almost half the time, with far less pain.

Number 2.
Tattoo removal does involve some pain.
Make sure you use a clinic with a picosecond laser – the shorter bursts of laser beam mean less heat is transferred to the skin, and therefore pain is reduced. Picosecond lasers are the fastest and best tattoo removal lasers in terms of speed of treatments and fast removal of all colours of tattoo ink on all skin types. We’ll also provide you with anaesthetic injections (which non-doctors cannot do).

Number 3.
Tattoo removal does involve several sessions.
However, if you choose a clinic that has a four-wavelength picosecond laser (like ours), then your treatment sessions will be greatly reduced, because our laser is far more efficient than other lasers. You can expect to have between five and 10 sessions, but if your tattoo is very large or tiny, the sessions are adjusted accordingly. Each session is about eight weeks apart.

Number 4. 
Untrained, inexperienced operators with cheap lasers that only do one colour are everywhere. Beware.
We’ve been removing lasers with the best technology on the market for 15 years, and every tattoo removal at ENRICH is performed by a doctor. We have the best lasers and the most experienced tattoo removalists.

You have surely noticed the plethora of tattoo removal clinics popping up in the past few years; this is not so much a sign of a tattoo-hating epidemic as much as it is the advent of cheap, second-hand lasers on the market that anyone can buy and operate.

Read about why the PiQ04 is the best, and why you shouldn’t accept anything less than this machine, operated by a skilled professional. Ask for proof of experience and a detailed explanation of what you should expect.

Number 5.
You will feel a bit sunburnt post-treatment.
This is because lasers use heat, and the sensation post-treatment is one of, well, being a bit burnt. Our laser heats the skin far less than other, older models, because it works in picoseconds, not nanoseconds. That means less inflammation and redness, and more pigment broken up. But, you still feel it afterwards, which is why there is time between treatments – to allow the pigment to dissipate back into your body and the inflammation to go down.

Number 6. 
If you want your cosmetic tattoo removed, you will have a harder time.
This is because the pigments used in cosmetic tattoos are different to regular tattoo inks, and are already very small. Read more about cosmetic tattoo removal here.

Number 7.
White ink cannot be removed.
That’s because lasers require colour of a specific sort (frequency) to absorb. White has nothing for a laser to work with.

Number 8.
You can get as many tattoos removed as you want.
Your treatments and sessions will be worked out so that your tattoos are treated based on the area they’re in, and at a suitable pace for your body to keep up. The more numerous, large and more colourful the tattoos, the longer it will take to remove.

Number 9.
Tattoo removal is a significant investment.
Removing tattoos is not cheap, but this is not a time to skimp. Every time another person treats your body, ensure that person knows exactly what they’re doing and that their equipment is the best. Never let an amateur do treatments of any kind on your body.

Get your tattoo removal right first time with ENRICH.
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