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Treating hyperhidrosis with muscle-relaxant injections

Treating hyperhidrosis with muscle-relaxant injections
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Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) can, in some cases, be treated using muscle-relaxant injections to block the nerves that trigger sweating. This eliminates the sweaty problem for the period of time that the product remains in the area. Muscle-relaxant injections are often suggested when other treatment types have failed, for example antiperspirants and medications.

Muscle-relaxant injections are a short-term treatment for hyperhidrosis, but it is not a cure. This treatment provides temporary relief for up to six months, when the treatment will need to be repeated. This procedure is most often done around the armpits, but can be used on the hands or feet too. Muscle-relaxant injections for hyperhidrosis work only on small areas, so is not suitable for generalised hyperhidrosis.

How do muscle-relaxant injections work for hyperhidrosis?
The sweat glands sit in the skin, not underneath it, so when you sweat, a message has been sent to the nerves that connect to your skin and sweat glands to ‘sweat’. When you inject muscle-relaxant injections into the nerves, the message to ‘sweat’ cannot get through, so you don’t sweat. Eventually the fluid is absorbed into your system, and the effect diminishes.

The procedure
Your procedure will depend on the area being treated, but the armpit (axillae) for example, may require multiple injections with a very fine needle. This normally doesn’t require anaesthetic, but your doctor will be the judge of that. These injections can cause some discomfort when applied to hands and feet. Some numbness of the area may be experienced, but returns in a few hours.

Results and recovery
The results may not appear immediately, but take a week to develop. You may need to avoid massages in the injection area, vigorous exercise, or pressure on the area for a few days. A small bruise may appear, but dissipate quickly. Side-effects are uncommon, but could include flu-like symptoms, tiredness, or even sweating in another part of the body.

Your doctor will explain all the possible side-effects to you before your treatment so you are fully informed. There are rarely complications, and these injections are considered to be a safe medical tool.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, muscle-relaxant injections are not recommended. Additionally, anyone with muscle or nerve disorders, or those on medication for nerve or muscle problems, neuromuscular disease, Myasthenia Gravis or Lambert-Eaton syndrome should avoid this treatment.

Everyone’s sweating is different
Your doctor will determine what the best course of treatment for your sweating is based on the areas you sweat the most, and what impact this has on your life. Muscle-relaxant injections aren’t the only treatment for excess sweating, and at ENRICH we have an array of effective treatments.

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