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Understanding why pimples appear on certain areas of your face

Understanding why pimples appear on certain areas of your face
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Why you are breaking out in pimples might seem mysterious, especially if you take care of your face, cleansing it religiously every day and night.

Pimples come sometimes from the outside – dirty face – but often the cause of pimples can be inside your body and nothing to do with how clean your face is. The area of your face that your pimples appear is a good indicator of what sort of pimples treatment you should be using to solve the issue, whether that’s from the outside in or the inside out.

Pimples develop because pores get blocked with sebum and dead skin cells, causing inflammation that needs to escape (the pus inside pimples). The cause of a pimple could be excess sebum production or alternatively from not cleaning out your pores regularly enough – either way, it’s always a blocked pore.

When you have excess sebum production, it’s usually hormonal, which is why teenagers with mixed-up hormones are the most likely to get acne and pimples.

When you get pimples on your forehead – pimples treatment – Melbourne clinic

Often you’ll get pimples on your forehead due to greasy hair products or where hair (like a fringe) covers your forehead for long periods of time. This is especially true if you live in a hot climate, exercise without rinsing off your forehead sweat, don’t wash your hair (or just the fringe) often enough, or wear a lot of foundation.

Pimples treatments include managing a greasy fringe by washing just your fringe every few days (instead of all your hair), keeping the area free of oils and makeup where possible, and if necessary, getting pimple treatments at a cosmetic dermatologists.

When you get pimples on your cheeks – pimples treatment – Melbourne clinic

Pimples can appear on your cheeks for a few reasons, which could include talking on a dirty mobile phone for long periods of time. Phones close to your face that have a collection of oil and bacteria from your face, from yesterday and the day before, plus grease from hair products, can cause your facial pores to become blocked.

Pimples treatments for cheek pimples include keeping your mobile phone screen clean by spraying some window cleaner onto a cloth and wiping excess oil away.

When you get pimples on your nose – pimples treatment – Melbourne clinic

Getting pimples on your nose can be extremely painful because your nose is inflexible, without fat or other tissue to allow the swelling. This means any swelling quickly starts to hurt, because the skin has no flexibility and nowhere to expand to.

Pimples treatment for nose pimples is reasonably straightforward, because the most likely cause of nose pimples is blocked pores. Keep the crevices of your nose clean by ensuring you get into the creases when you wash your face. It can be easy to ignore the nose when cleansing, so be diligent.

When you get pimples on your chin and sides of your neck – pimples treatment – Melbourne clinic

Pimples on the chin are common with hormonal changes, as are pimples down the sides of your neck.

Pimples treatment for chin pimples is diligent cleansing and understanding how your hormones work so that you know when to expect more pimples – that might be when a period is due, and hormones change. If you are experiencing pimples on the sides of your neck, it might be a good idea to see someone about your hormones and take a look at your diet – high junk food diets breed pimples.

If you are struggling with pimples, you may need a deep skin cleanse using laser or peels.
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